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    Have you tried Artemis Lite (an article submitter)? It's free. You create 3 versions of an article (basically just change the first paragraph). It supposedly creates a few versions of your ad. Then you fill in the form and click submit. I tried it a few weeks back. One article has been published on 10 or so sites. However, I'm not sure if it submits to article directories. It seems a bit too good to be true.

    Wondering about your opinion. I searched for it on this forum and didn't find anything.

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    Yeah, I've never heard of them and sounds like if it was only on 10 pages that it definitely doesn't submit them to article sites for you.

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    Thanks for the information, I 'll try it out
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    I never heard of it but I do know of an excellent service that I use that has gotten me countless top 10 rankings in Google and Yahoo within days.

    Let me know and I tell what article submitter service I use.

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