ASD is a great opportunity - but a few things that worry me

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    Hello All,

    Don't get me wrong, ASD is one of the greatest opportunities to come along in a very long time. I understand the concept, and I understand how it works and how everyone can benefit from it. But the few things that worry me is the fact that the website is up and down and very slow when you can get to it and your lucky to be able to log in and I understand that they are suppose to be fixing this very soon. The other thing that worries me is that some people that I know that are involved with ASD have said that it sometimes takes 3 - 4 weeks to get their ad packages upgraded. I am stil going to join becasue I know this is good but I just want to know that when I join it will be the right time where the wibsite is up and I can get to it and log into my account and I need to know that when I go to upgrade my ad packages they wil be upgraded in a timly fashion. that's all


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    No Responses from anyone?
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    You are correct, there have been delays. I know we keep hearing about the incredible growth - but it is true. They are now taking things in hand now they realise that this is not a temporary phase and things are catching up. I understand checks for June have already gone out and for part of July.

    The same applies with taking money in, - they are catching up

    The system itself is getting an overhaul too - and we hav been told that things should be right by Wednesday some time.

    Once they have also moved into their new home which will be large enough for the company with 120,000 members and growing and the new people already hired are trained and find their feet, I think we are going to see a big difference.

    When you upgrade your ad packages from your cash balance, it is automated and immediate.
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    I cannot say that I have not had my share of reservations and you are right to have yours until you have some positive experiences of your own. I personally have had alot of my fears put to rest (mainly becuase I attended the Chicago rally and have had timely responses to problems over the phone with ASD). However -- I will feel even better when they have a functioning website. I am holding off with sharing this with others until I see a functioning ASD website that impresses me. Hopefully thats is reality in a day and half

    best of luck
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    alasycia: I understand checks for June have already gone out and for part of July.

    Received a check today for a cashout requested on July 3. slow they may be right now, the checks are coming!
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    My dad submitted a cashout on July 9 and received a check today...
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    Congratulations on joining a wonderful business!! It sounds like you were skeptical for a while since your friends were in it for 4-6 months already. YOu won't be sorry that you joined, just that you didn't join sooner.

    You mentioned that you were worried about cashouts taking so long and upgrades taking so long. My sponsor cashed out July 1st and got his check July 18th, that's 9 business days.

    Upgrades are automatic except when you upgrade at a Rally or Convention from your cash balance. This will take weeks. I sent a form with my sponsor to the Chicago Rally to upgrade my cash balance. ( ASD was offering a 50% match on checks and cash bal. upgrades) I was a little concerned about what amount to write in the blank since I could not access my account at 10am when I awoke and we still had not been paid the global credits for the previous week. ( We did get paid on Saturday but there was no way to verify my specific ammount) My sponsor spoke to the ASD rep when turning in the forms and they actually gave us the option to write a specific ammount or to write "upgrade all". If you write "upgrade all" in the blank they will give you the 50% match on whatever ammount you have in your cash balance the day they actually process your form and complete the transaction, which could take days or could take weeks. I felt this was a plus!! My group all chose to "upgrade all" since 50% is more than the 25% match we normally get when we upgrade 500 or more with the breakout promotion. Those with smaller accounts only had like $700 to upgrade and this option gave them time to save up more cash to upgrade before the form was processed and transaction completed.

    After the Tampa Convention, June 13 and 14, some people had checks post to the account after 5 business days, while others had to wait 10 business days, it varied. Sounds like they are more behind with each Rally, after Tampa they could not get caught up. There have been approximately 50,000 new members since Tampa.

    Hope this helps,

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    there upgrades would take that long because of putting in at a rally? Mailing them to Florida? If you read in the rally news by the way go to one!!! They have been paying back rebates on upgrades at rallys. If rally is on 10th and your money isnt in till the 25th they will give you the rebates for those 15 days to make it right. plus when the ach debit card takes air payouts and upgrades should be the same day to 3 days. You also half to understand they are adding 1200 people a day to asd thats alot of accounts to keep strait and sponsors to get comminsions on top of the regular 100000 accounts they half to manage they have added a heck of a lot more accountants and customer service. They are growing at a tremendous rate and you will have growing pains. The site will be running by wednessday and will be capable of managing multile millons of members. Hit the qna with robert in the web room.
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    I am not worrying anymore.
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    Yes no need to worry
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