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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by tmostna, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. tmostna

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    Anyone use surf sites such as traffic swarm & traffic cats?

    I had heard that people leave the sites running in the background and rarley look at the ads, yet I have have had some success attracting sales thru these sites
  2. Danny33

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    Probally only a small percentage of people watch the rotation of the sites. If you use a broswer like firefox, you can have multiple autosurfs surfing as well as another tab for doing whatever you want. I personally wouldn't consider autosurfs as "marketing" but just a way to get hits. Although it could work for some people, depends what you are trying to market. One of the most advertised websites on autosurf programs are more autosurf programs...usually ones that pay you money.

    I orginally found 12dailypro on an autosurf, and since then i've never stopped seeing it everywhere in banner ads, autosurfs, and forums. But i'm glad I found 12dailypro [​IMG] - The max you can surf is 30 pages, but 12 pages (5 minutes) is what gets you paid. I usually don't mind watching the pages on 12daily for 5 minutes, especially when i'm making 12% daily. (i've been paid 5 times)
  3. Trinale

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    I'm not familiar with traffic cats, but traffic swarm is not an autosurf traffic exchange, that's probably why it works for you. You have to manually click every 20 seconds to view the next page.

    Traffic swarm is one of only 2 traffic exchanges I use regularly. What I like about them is the fact that each page contains 8 ads and when you click on them, they're usually worth 1-5 credits. I've earned between 19 and 32 credits for one page


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  4. Hey guys,
    I personally don't see the sense in autosurfing from the Advertisers viewpoint. Eventually, I think they will disappear because they don't make money for the advertisers.

    ps Juan, 3x's for the SAME POST???
  5. cherie27

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    If you don't look at the websites in the autosurf traffic exchange. Likewise, others will not look at the websites.

    Your website will never be known to the public.

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