automatic online profits scam or real deal?

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    Anyone in this

    It sounds like the redesign of Streamline Funnel System which has evidence itself by all appearance as being a fraud. Paul Birdsall's crew is supposedly renaming SFS and re-launching. This appears to be it.

    For those that take an interest, you may want to proceed with caution. You can read up on the issue of SFS at:
    Is Streamline Funnel System a scam or working?

    Dear home business success seeker...
    There isn't an instant success formula/system for home business success. Sometimes you can make money quickly but overall consistency in promoting your business with a viable marketing strategy will give you great cash-flow in due course. Looking for lottery ticket biz opportunities that you think will instantly make you rich or a lot of money will get you no where but in the disappointment line.

    Find an opportunity that is viable, appeals to many, that has as close to an "anyone can do this" marketing strategy and then put in the commitment and dedication so you can succeed.

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