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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by moneymagnet23, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. moneymagnet23

    moneymagnet23 New Member

    For everyone interested in network marketing, are you really intereseted in the business or just the financial possibilities.

    At first we all, are intereseted in generatiing that unbelivable income, however most people get dragged into the lure of the products and everything..

    REMEMBER this business is about creating automatic systems, so that you don't have to do as much work.

    Chose working on a system to generate leads, qualifying them and selling them.

    Stop trying to close one lead at a time.. this will drain you in the end.
  2. samda

    samda Member

    I really doubt whether this works out. Could you please give more information on network marketing. I am a bit new to this...
  3. moneymagnet23

    moneymagnet23 New Member

    what part of it do you need clarifying.
    The business is made up of three points.

    Finding leads
    qualifying leads
    Selling to leads
    and if your really good.. teaching your leads... to do the same.
  4. LawrenceTam

    LawrenceTam New Member

    I agree with moneymagnet23

    You want to use the internet and a system that can train and sell for you while you are away. This is automation at it's best.

    My simple outline I give my students is:
    1) Learn to generate Leads, even for free
    2) Don't chase Leads you have but "filter" them
    3) Give your Leads quality information either from you or your system
    4) Grow the relationship on autopilot
    5) Monetize
    6) Teach and repeat

    This is a quick overview. This allows you to make money by "teaching" and by doing so allows you to spend that money on more expensive advertising. All the while generating your own for free. This way you have more leads you could possibly call in 1 day.
  5. profitweaver

    profitweaver New Member

    I think that Lawrence has pretty well summed it up. The key to me is to teach people to do what you do. You do need some patience because not everyone can work at the same speed as you do, especially if they are new to the business. Give them confidence by helping them get some small successes. Once people see that, they will be able to stand on their own two feet.
  6. ScottCofer

    ScottCofer Member

    Well said, guys...

    On the net it has become fairly easy to set up a system that generates, sifts and sorts leads for you - it's a beautiful thing. Combine that with offline techniques and you're good to go...

    However, let me add one vital point to the mix:

    A productive and inexpensive co-op

    This makes it easy, especially for 'newbies', to bring on new team members and get into profit while they are 'learning the ropes'.


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