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  1. country

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    Anyone heard of Ryan Jackson's Automatic Wealth Solution:

    I've done a variety of searches and cant seem to find any feed back on what he has to offer.

    All help greatly appreciated

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  2. getagrip

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    The claim at the top is highly unlikely: earning $150,000 a year in with only one hour a day of work. You would need to be an EXPERT in Google Adwords to do this, and spend a lot of time (and I mean a LOT of time) tweaking your campaigns - this takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention trial and error, and being an expert at market research, effective copyrighting methods, and a whole lot more. It wouldn't be easy at all...
  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    His system appears to be another clickbank marketing 'thing'. I'm sure it has some validity but as noted it certainly will take time to get things setup before any 1hr a day thing would work.

    Not sure that folks need to put it that way. If you have a good thing just put it out there and people will come. People don't mind working more than 1 hr a week for a successful home business.
  4. beentheredoneit

    beentheredoneit New Member

    It does have validity but unfortunately it will take some time to get things going. I had just purchased the product and what it reminds me of is the annoying pop-up ads you get when searching online[​IMG] So i am in the process of cancelling now (because lets face it not many people have the 49.99 to just throw out without a definite idea of how long this will take) and as i was told in my confirmation it takes weeks for visitors and months to make any income off of it and by that time i would have forgotten that i had it so i am getting my refund before the time comes where i can't lol but for people who do have the money to invest in this i say why not. If you have it you'll never miss it.
  5. It seems you can actually purchase this program for $7 instead of $49.99.
    Keep going to exit the sales page and the price will keep being reduced until it is only $7.

    Some people may find it is worth $7 for all the information on Clickbank.

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