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  1. krazykat_nz

    krazykat_nz New Member

    Hello All...
    there seems to be alot of bus ops out there. It gets quite confusing looking for the right thing to join.... has anyone heard about Automaticbuilder? I have just joined... just was wondering if anyone has heard anything about them... good or bad... I mean it all seems to be good.
  2. urbanrecon

    urbanrecon New Member

    I am in Automatic Builder too, had 2 paid signups in my downline days after joining (had not done any advertising at all yet!). This is a real company that makes it easy to build a succesful business because of their top notch marketing system.
  3. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

    I'm thinking of joning this one too. I'll research more about this and give it a go and build a big organization. Anyone who joins under me will benefit from my massive advertising campaign as I can only have 2 direct sign ups and the rest will be spill over to my downlines. I need at least 4-6 serious individuals who wants to have a ride and benefit in my campaign and become a successful when I decide to join in a few days. Please email me if you're interested at
  4. krazykat_nz

    krazykat_nz New Member

    zaphire97 did you join?? I thought I would take the risk and have a go... haven't looked back since!! If you want to join under someone I'd love to have you on board... [​IMG]
  5. Rilla927

    Rilla927 New Member

    Quoting: krazykat_nzhaven't looked back since!! If you want to join under someone I'd love to have you on board...

    Hi krazykat!

    I'm starting a new journey and hopefully a successful one[​IMG]
  6. KUSH

    KUSH New Member

    what is this company what do they do and what would i do and how much does it cost to join. what are the perks and benefits.
  7. 1stepcoach

    1stepcoach New Member

    They are an mlm health and wellness company that sells vitamins.

    This is copied from their order form: "In order to receive your Free bottle of Sublingual B-12 for only $2.95 you must agree to go on a monthly autoship of Sublingual B-12 for the special offer of only $12.95 which includes shipping and handling. You may cancel, suspend or change your autoship at anytime... After 30 days you will also be billed a $9.95 monthly hosting fee for your AutomaticBuilder Business Building System."

    This is from their compensation page: "As you refer people to Nutronix using the AutomaticBuilder System you will earn a 30% Fast Start Referral Bonus of their first 3 month's orders."

    This doesn't interest me but If it sounds like something for you check out their corporate website, I'm not a big fan of the mlm compensation structure, I've been very successful with a business that creates leverage without using mlm.
  8. Mmfflora

    Mmfflora New Member

    I`M GOING FOR IT 4 $$$$$$$$:[​IMG]
  9. urbanrecon

    urbanrecon New Member

    AutomaticBuilder is going great for me right now, 41 people in my downline after 8 weeks in the business.

    I am paying people's way in as Executive Directors, check out the site in my signature for details.
  10. inter

    inter New Member

    I think this programme provides good marketing tools to advertise.
  11. billg123

    billg123 New Member

    I am extremely glad to see a post like this as I just joined automatic builder yesterday. It is also my first MLM program.

    I must say its quite amazing. I woke up today and found I had 10 signups. As of an hour ago I had over 15 in my downline. In just over 24 hours.

    I joined because I saw the great potential. All the people I see wanting to help everyone in this business and theres a website that hosts weekly webcasts to tens of thousands of people and promote Automatic builder. The growth is just exploding.
  12. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    I joined under a team effort from another forum in July. The team is building deep power legs and helping us become successful. It appears as though I'll reach Regional Director in a matter of days without advertising a thing. All I did was sign up as an Executive Director immediately and Automatic Builder and my team did the rest.

    I've tried the free trial offers before and never got anywhere. When I was invited to join this team I was told ahead of time how much the investment would cost and I was very skeptical, but I signed up anyway. I was pumped up and ready to build a business even before I listened to my first Dani Johnson audio or video, but I did start listening to her after I had joined AB and knew I had made the right decision. One of her audio recordings helped me see something I had known but forgotten. You will never get rich selling the products. You'll make your money recruiting others. I remembered twenty five years ago I met a man who recruited amway distributors. He bought some of their products, but he never sold any product ... just recruited.

    So, my question is: I just finished creating a splash page to advertise my business with and I want to know where and how to get targeted traffic. I've used traffic exchanges and I'm sure I'll get results, but it's very tedious and slow. I will be changing my blog very soon which I'm sure will help once I have some content back on it, but I'm a rookie at all of this and I have no clue about SEO or much of anything else. It took me forever to learn how to create my spash page. I'm really glad I found and started to use nvu.

  13. billg123

    billg123 New Member

    I love Automatic Builder and my team. I joined exactly 15 days ago and already have over 70 in my downline. I have tried several other biz opps out there, free and paid and found them all to be lacking.

    Automatic Builder and Nutronix are the real thing.
  14. Forgetwork

    Forgetwork New Member

    Ok... just a question... so WHO sells these products. Are you all basically just recruiting people? Im not sure i understand what the heck the purpose is. Sorry, havent had much luck with work at home stuff so i guess i'm extremely sceptical
  15. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    Quoting: ForgetworkOk... just a question... so WHO sells these products. Are you all basically just recruiting people? Im not sure i understand what the heck the purpose is. Sorry, havent had much luck with work at home stuff so i guess i'm extremely sceptical

    Anyone can sell the products. AutomaticBuilder is teamed with Nutronix (health and wellness products). I got involved to recruit members because that's where the largest opportunity for income exists. That's pretty much what I had learned years ago from the Amway recruiter and apparently it's still true today with many MLM type businesses. That is also what I've been taught by others online and from the Dani Johnson audios I've listened to.

    Most of us will run out and try many of the free offers, get bored, frustrated, and even ripped off, but few of us realize that there are no free tickets to Disneyland today. If you want to own a business then you better plan on spending some money and not just on a business, you need to advertise and that can cost plenty. Even the guy on the corner selling hot dogs invested money and guess what? He was smart enough to know he wasn't going to get it by spending $6 or $7 one time and falling for that line that he'd be Rich Rich Rich in 30 days or less ........ yeah right. I bet he spent more for his hot dog cart than I did on this Biz Op, but I'm not done spending.

    Benefactoring is becoming very popular in many opportunities. That has a huge price tag usually, but the results can build a business fast and strong.
  16. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Lets not forget that with these things they build a useless "powerleg" for you. Useless, that is, until you actually recruit some real business builders in your own leg.

    There are no free lunches with Binaries. All the "we build it for you" stuff is hype of the Nth degree. You will not make a dime on organizations built with programs of this nature. You still have to be a builder.

    People sign up because it looks easy and they don't understand that there isn't any money in the powerleg until they build the other side. Its not easy, building an organization takes diligent work, and its best if you are behind the product 100%.

    Most people, 95%, will not make money, will not recruit, and will be a waste of your time. Automatic Builder may be better than some, but paying some dope's way in? That's worse than begging him to join your business.

    Folly, IMO.
  17. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    For those who want to take the free ride you are correct. AB will build useless powerlegs of freebie members. If you don't invest, you won't work the business. If your recruits don't invest you'll give up. If you think you're going to get rich without any effort, you're living in lala land.

    Watch some Dani Johnson videos or listen to her audios and you'll see why I'll never waste time on the freebie offers.

    Quoting: malibumentorMost people, 95%, will not make money, will not recruit, and will be a waste of your time. Automatic Builder may be better than some, but paying some dope's way in? That's worse than begging him to join your business.

    Paying some dopes way in is worse than begging him to join?

    I'm sorry, but I think you may not understand. It's the same as offering a discount to attract new customers. Example: Sign up under me and I'll refund $100 for your executive director membership. You must agree to remain a member for 87 days.
    (This is merely an example not an actual offer)

    In this example a team of members who want to build their business could chip in together and offer the refund to the new person. It's a win win situation for all. You will most likely be spending more on advertising, so why not pay a little to get guaranteed sign ups vs. no guarantees or overspending for guaranteed tour takers.

    The team I belong to doesn't build useless powerlegs. We are building powerlegs of upgraded members. How can paying members in your downline be useless? The freebie members in our team get compressed out.
  18. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Okay, I guess I don't understand these things very well, though it seems part of what I wrote is applicable. These things are so reliant on hype to get the build going I have been turned off. I found I prefered direct sales anyway, but I am fortunate to have capital to build my business. For those without capital jumping on these things might be a good way to make some money.

    I get spammed so often by clueless marketers trying to get signups for the latest forced matrix plan, I am prejudiced against them I guess. These days I have some folks seeking me out and feigning interest in my business hoping I will join their's under them and build it for them. I seldom join stuff these days, especially if I don't see it as a superior product to what I am already using, which it seldom is.
  19. aussiedownunder

    aussiedownunder New Member

    Hi All

    You have to buy Leads to get people right?

    I found out the leads inside the AutomaticBuilder is very very expensive and there no way I can afford on my part time budget. So how did you manage to get signups or referrals whatever you call it?

    I used to be in AutomaticBuilder years ago and had promote all over the place but not referrals and I was pretty depressed by the results. [​IMG]

    I'm not a very lucky person and wish a miracle to happens for a referral to join up and stay there not jumping off the boat to another.


    J.E. Henry

  20. Renier

    Renier New Member

    I was also in automaticbuilder it went to slow i sponsor about 75 people but the payplan is not so good. I find amigo much better and much easier.


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