1. Julsy

    Julsy New Member

    I just got started in Avon after trying several other online opportunities that failed me! I say failed me because I did everything I needed to do, and the companies I worked with failed. Sadly, I had done a good job of promoting and getting people to join with me and therefore, I felt it was my responsibilty, and that I had let them down. So, because of all that, I was determined to find a business that had a good name that everyone knows, so that I could be sure it wouldn't fail! So, I was watching TV and saw a young college girl on CNN being interviewed about her success in Avon, and thought... I LOVE AVON, my mom loves Avon, my grandma loved Avon, etc. etc. So, anyway, I checked into it and found that Avon has definately come into the 21st century and now has what is called eReps that sale online instead of door to door the way they always have in the past. I also found that you can choose to (but don't have to) recruit others into the business and make even more money over and above just selling products, by building a downline. You can still sell products to people you know, but you don't have to. You can now run Avon the way you would any other online business. There are also no quotas to meet or any products you have to purchase. And the best part that I found out was that it only costs a one time $10.00 to start. That blew me away after all the money I had sunk into other businesses, WOW! The only other fee is if you choose to be an eRep, which means you sell online on your own Avon site and the cost of this is $7.50 each campain peroid. (Campain's are 2 week periods). But, you can avoid paying the $7.50 as long as you have at least one order per campaign through your site, then the $7.50 fee is wiped off. That's about all I have learned so far.

    Avon has been around for over 100 yrs, and I have yet to hear anyone say they don't love Avon, so I figured I had to give it a shot. like I say, I am just getting started and wanted to get a post going on here to get any feedback any of you have about Avon. And I will also be posting my updates about how it's going for me.

  2. residualcash

    residualcash New Member

    Well good luck with that. I have a relative that has been selling it for years.

    However, know that it is not the only good business opportunity or way to make money from home without failing.
  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Good luck Julie.

    I you commit to Avon and never quit then you will succeed. It is nice to be excited when you get started in a new MLM venture but you will need to stay positive at all times and again, never quit.

    The best part when starting in any MLM business is that it is an exciting time. You feel unstoppable and you know that you will succeed and that everyone you know will join, but what do you do when this does not happen?

    You move on and you persist in the face of failure.

    Never quit. Always read motivational books on a daily basis. Listen to your successful upline and you will do well.

  4. mjepstein29

    mjepstein29 New Member

    Good luck! Avon has some great products! If you were so diligent with your other ventures I'm sure you will be successful with Avon, after 100yrs in business I highly doubt they will be going anywhere!
    Congrats on being so brave as to take on another MLM venture.
  5. Julsy

    Julsy New Member

    residualcash, Thanks and I agree, there are many making a good income from home, with many, many different programs out there and I am sure there are 1000's on here even, but my problem was that I tried three in a row that the company itself failed. So for me personally, Avon's name alone was a huge bonus just because of their reputation and multiple generations of people using their products. I just couldn't bring myself again to get into another program no matter how well people seemed to be doing at the moment. Does that make sense?

    Tal, you have the right attitude for sure! Thanks a bunch for the words of encouragement!

    As for how things are progressing, I have spent the last several days doing online courses that Avon offers on their Reps site, that cover everything from making your way around the site, to placing orders, to in depth details about the products and how to best sell them. So, I must say that I am impressed at the training they offer and even issue certificates for completing them.

    The only other thing that I have found out that is a huge surprise is the number of men selling Avon! And come to find out, most of the men are doing even better than the women! That was a shock, to me anyway, LOL!
  6. Julsy

    Julsy New Member

    Thank you mjepstein29!

    I am finding for me that it is much easier to sell when people have the option of ordering for themselves online rather than having to contact the rep and relate what they want. Although, there are still a few (mostly older people) who do not have computer access that still want the personal touch that comes with a face to face order and delivery, which is fine too! But wow is it much easier to just get your link going all over the net! I am also promoting a certain product each few days on facebook, Twitter and Digg.

    Any other ideas?
  7. mjepstein29

    mjepstein29 New Member

    ordering online is definitely the way to go these days! It's so easy and you get to do it on your own clock not the retailers clock!! Plus it makes your job a whole lot easier!
    You're right mostly the older people who are used doing things the traditional way will continue to place their order through you and def continue to give them great service b/c you never know when their daughters, granddaughters, etc... will need to start ordering and they will know exactly where to go if you've been giving their loved one great service!! [​IMG]
    It sounds like you are one the right course for your new venture and I'm sure you will be successful!!
    Keep up the good work!
  8. Julsy

    Julsy New Member

    I must report how impressed I am with Avon's site just for eReps to manage all our customers. They have loads of automated software that works for you, so you don't have to get all that stuff for yourself. It is all available to you to use and very easy to navigate and input all your customers information into their system. And very simple to learn how to make use of it all! I am also impressed with all the training they offer. I have only made it through 4 of the lessons thus far, but they even have a quiz at the end of each 15 - 40 minute course that gives you a certificate when you pass. I am actually enjoying these courses and passing with flying colors. The courses range in areas from Money management for your business to all about the Avon products. These courses are have been a big help in me getting a good start.
  9. Julsy

    Julsy New Member

    UPDATE: Just wanted to pass along that I put in my very first order today for 7 people that was right at 180.00! I am curious to find out how much of that I actually get to keep! I will find out in the next few days, once the order is submitted and shipped. This is over and above my online orders, they are the easiest and show within a few days of your customer order how much you have earned. When customers order online and have it shipped directly to themselves, your cut is a straight 20% commission. When they order from you or order online and have you deliver it to them personally, it is anywhere from 20% - 50% commission depnding on the item.

    I will also say that the ordering process could no have been easier! All you do is punch in a few item numbers and submit. It's that simple!

    I will post more after I recieve my first order...
  10. tamdu

    tamdu New Member

    Julsy, how did you do with your first AVON order?

    I sell AVON and love it. I didn't join to sell, I joined because I love all AVON products and found that every time I needed something I had to find a new rep because their follow up was not great. I ended up signing up for just $10.00. That was a year ago and I am still going strong. I am not in Leadership but I do have helpers. They help me out and I give them product in return for helping promote my business and get orders. They help me out a lot.

    One tip is to always have a brochure on hand, you never know who you might meet.
  11. Julsy

    Julsy New Member

    tamdu, you are so right, I have talked to several ladies who joined just to buy for themselves as well. It just makes sense to buy from yourself when the products are so much better than Dept stores and yet so much cheaper in most cases. And you are your own best customer, no matter how much you sell!
    And like you say, I have people offering to help me as well. Also the part you said about always having brochures with you is so true! I have been handing them out everywhere I go, getting new customers. The key is to get an e-mail or phone number for every person you give one to so you can follow-up. Any Avon Rep not good with following-up is totally cheating themselves.

    As for my first order, it was so easy and quick! For us, orders go in before noon every other Thurs. and it will always arrive on your front porch early a.m. the following Saturday. That is less than 2 days shipping, WOW! I have been so impressed not only with the products but also the people. I had to call customer service because I had a question, and they are so helpful and nice and spent the first few minutes just welcoming me to Avon. As for my profit, even though I ordered quite a few things for myself, I ended up with just over $60.00 in profit my first order of just 7 people including myself.

    So, with $10.00 pd to Avon to get started, in my first two weeks, I have cleared about $50.00. Not a bad start, in fact this is the best I have done with any other business I have tried, and I am only getting started!
  12. TStudent

    TStudent New Member

    I am a student who just signed up for Avon a few days ago. I am still waiting for someone to come around for the meeting to sign the papers. I was very interested in internet only business with Avon, but i could not figure out how to make it work with adverting, marketing tools and driving traffic to the sight. I have been researching this since I signed up...only 3 days with no real answers. I want to talk to you about your eRep progress. So far, every single person I talked to about exclusive online Avon business has either outright failed or has had only 1-3 online orders. How is it working for you? If you ae success, then how are you making it work? tarynsavon [at] gmail.comresidualcash
    i am interested in how Avon works online with the eReps, but while i was looking at the information i noticed your comment about other opportunities. i checked out your links and found myself turned off again by the photos of cars, piles of money, long winded adds with videos, etc. sometimes these things have vacation spots, women, and large homes. none of them are impressive. all of them are irritating. So, i would like to ask, how is this business working for you? Are you profiting (above and beyond all overhead costs, fees and charges) at all?
  13. ChristinaM

    ChristinaM New Member

    How much money do you think you are going to be able to pull in a month?
  14. achengms

    achengms New Member

    Hi Julsy, can you post how has been your experience with Avon so far? Its been about a month that you have signed up with the business correct?
  15. Julsy

    Julsy New Member

    TSTUDENT, I have found that for the most part you cannot JUST sell Avon online and here's the reason why. When anyone goes to your site to shop, they are given the option to have their order shipped to you, their representative. By doing this they get free shipping and don't have to pay online. They pay you, when you deliver their order. Believe it or not, there are lots of people still not comfortable with transacting money on the internet. I have also found that people have loved a certain product for so long, they just want to tell you what they want and want you to get it for them. So, no matter how much you sell online, you will still have to be a Rep face to face with people because that is what they have come to ecpect over the years with the name Avon!

    As for profiting... I am seeing profit. But, I will also add that you do make better profit by taking orders from people ordering from you instead of ordering from themselves online. You can make 20%-50% profit face to face, whereas you make a set 25% profit for anything sold online.

    My second order went in today and I had 4 orders including my own and 2 online customers the past two weeks. after all is said and done, I will make about $55.00 profit for the last two week campaign. But, I must also include that I am purchasing a lot of products for myself and my family and saving myself loads of money that I would be spending at a Dept. store.

    As for getting customers online. I have nearly 300 personal known friends and aquantances on Facebook and Twitter. So, between facebook and the entire e-mail address book I already had, I was able to input all those e-mails in my back office with Avon, and the automated system sends out e-mails to them all with clickable links straight to my site. This is a huge help! Especially since those people already know you. I also set up a Fan page on Facebook.

    Please feel free to message me...

  16. Julsy

    Julsy New Member

    ChristinaM... I am only getting started, so I have a long way to go. The person that I got into Avon under is pulling in $1000.00's a month, but she owns a Curves and has the opportunity to sell to all of her customers that she see's everyday, plus, she was able to get every other Curves owner in our area selling Avon under her, so that is even much more huge bonuses for her.

    It is completely up to you how much you can make a month. Depending on how many customers you think you can reach and also how many other reps you think you can get going under you. As for me, I have big plans that I just haven't gotten to quite yet. One that I am working on is to get a hairdresser with her own salon going in Avon under me. I have already planted the seed and she is thinking about it, so we will see.
  17. Julsy

    Julsy New Member

    echengms, It has been about a month and I can say that I am truly enjoying it! You can read above how I have been doing, but I will add that every aspect so far has been possitive for me accept one thing that does bother me and that is back-orders. I have been a bit frustrated at a couple of different items that I have ordered are not available. I will say though that as soon as they are available, they are shipped to you, the problem is just the wait for the items and having to explain to the customer about not being able to get their product within a reasonable time.

    Other than that, I do not have one complaint at all! I will also say that I hand out brochures everywhere I go and I have yet to find a single person turn one down. I did have one girl tell me that she didn't like Avon, but that her mom did and so she took the brochure to her mom. This business is the easiest I have ever done just because all you really have to do is hand out brochures and follow-up with them, take the order and submit it, that's basically it!
  18. krazyladyplz

    krazyladyplz New Member

    You've hit the number one nail on the head, you enjoy it. Even with the one complaint and I'm sure frustrations of having to explain about back orders, you still enjoy it. You didn't whine and moan about it, you took it as part of the business and continue to move forward. My hat's off to you. Keep us posted, it's really interesting.
  19. crisstar

    crisstar Member

    It looks like you're having fun Julie! If you can't enjoy your business, you'll find it a "chore" to do and eventually you won't want to do it.

    I used to sell Avon...mostly to myself [​IMG]...and family because I like their make up products.

    When I meet women who are specifically wanting a "low cost" business, I steer them towards Avon because for $10 bucks you really can't beat it.

    I met this one Avon lady online and she was making sales by promoting on Twitter.

    Julie has it right in that she's using social media sites like Facebook to promote herself and her business.

    There are endless ways to build Avon....you've just got to think outside of the box.

  20. jeffathome

    jeffathome New Member

    Hey Julsy, It's awesome that you have found something you love and are passionate about. That is half the battle when looking to start a home business.

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