Balancing Coastal and a Full-Time J.O.B.

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by SAS78, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. SAS78

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    Hello All!

    One of the goals that I've established for myself with starting my Coastal business is to be able to exceed my current full-time income and subsequently quit my f/t J.O.B., having Coastal be my f/t source of income within 6 months after achieving directorship.

    I'm working on trying to find a balance btw my f/t job, getting my Coastal business up and running, and my daily household chores/tasks/me time.

    Any thoughts ideas from those of you who have (still are) balancing both and from those of you who have been able to fire your boss to work for yourself full-time?

    Thanks all!
  2. dawnmo

    dawnmo New Member

    Harold's the man! He does it all!!! (Well, he and his incredible wife!)

    I'm sure he'll pop in here soon with some suggestions.

    Dawn [​IMG]
  3. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    That is a great question. How do you balance it all. It starts with a good game plan. In that game plan you need a great schedule. That seems to simplify things for me. For example if you work f/t look at what hours and days you are off and see when in those time frames you can call your prospects. Schedule that time and stick to it. Try to schedule any training you must do outside of those "key" call times. Be sure to enlist the help of your family in this. Let it be known that during this time you are actually working and give them maybe some of the chores to help out with. If you have kids this is a good time to teach them a new skill. At about 9 years old my mom taught me to wash my clothes. She did it so she could rest as she worked alot and it also made me more responsible. Another tip I can suggest is to get involved with your community on weekends. Retail is a huge market. Every business, church and organization could use our Coastal package. How about dontating a vacation to your church for a fund raiser. Two years ago when we started that was one of the first things we did. We actually raised 3k in 20 mins. Plus even better we got a bunch of leads and made some sales to people interested int he package. When you are trying to retire from f/t employment retail helps as you build your team. I hope some of this helps. I also would say that if you have a director you really should email them about how to do this as well. Their job is to coach and mentor you and thats why they get your first 2 sales. Use them as a resource as well as this forum.

  4. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    Thanks, Dawn. Yes, I definately work fulltime as do most Coastal folks. I am VERY fortunate that I have a job that allows me computer access all day and I can also do my job while talking on the phone if I need to. Then, at home, after the kids get in the bed about 9 or so, I will spend a couple of hours, maybe more maybe less, at night. I have gotten to the point that I don't want to watch TV anymore because I want to help my members or try to increase my business. It will be wonderful when I do get to quit my job and do Coastal FULLTIME from home.
  5. Judy

    Judy New Member

    I am finding difficulty in this as well. As I might have mentioned I run a f/t home daycare with between 4-7 kids a day for 10 hrs. I try to get on the computer during quiet/nap time for about an hour. Then I need to spend time with my own 2 girls and their bedtime is around 9. Then I am on the computer until 11 or 12 trying to learn this business as I too do not want to be doing 2 jobs forever.

    The only time I watch T.V. is when I fold clothes and there are 6 baskets waiting to be folded as I write. I am so exhausted as I can't seem to get to bed before 12:30 as there is always something else I want to learn about Coastal or how to market the business. I have been doing this for over a month now and don't know how to tear myself away from the computer.

    Sorry for ranting -maybe I should just go to bed.
    I am so glad there is a forum that we can discuss Coastal on as I have so many questions and am learning so much
  6. matiasmommy

    matiasmommy New Member

    my solutions for balance: (I am with Coastal full time but am single parent to a 2 year old and a 16 stall horsefarm to deal with, not to mention health conditions and a personal life!)

    flylady dot net
    savingdinner dot com

    I outsource things like meal prep, grocery shopping etc etc and do child care sharing. Mind 2 kids for 2 hours and get 2 hours in exchange for 2 quiet hours with peace of mind to actually keep the house clean for longer then 20 seconds! haha.. Seriously, flylady works GREAT, I can be "company clean" in under 10 minutes notice and whip something homemade and delicious out of the freezer to re-heat. I love to ask, and everyone always wants to know how I DO it all. No biggie really, just good time management skills and a few fly tricks!

    have fun and FLY!


    Jani Teeter
    L3 Director, CSG
  7. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    I work two different businesses full time right from my home office, AND go to work at a doctor's office 2 days a week.

    Leveraging your time becomes very important, asking for help is not out of the question.

    In addition getting a good (almost) automated system helps with Coastal.

  8. SAS78

    SAS78 New Member

    Hello All! I just received some interesting coaching from my director on this...

    "The first is to stop saying, "I am struggling..." and replace it with, "I am allowing myself time for everything that is important to me." Scheduling is crucial. Schedule your minimums first. What are the things you absolutely require to THRIVE (not survive). Then make sure those are in place regardless of what's going on in life. ie. I can survive on 6 hours sleep, but I thrive on 8. So, I make sure I schedule going to bed for 8 hours sleep. I can survive on exercise once a week, but I thrive doing it a min. of 30 min. every second day so I schedule that in every second day. And so on."

    Makes sense.... Still challenging, but if we're not challenging ourselves then we'll never grow as individuals or as business owners!

    I hope you're all having a great day!
  9. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Stephanie great thoughts. The setting your minimums stuck out in my mind. In the CSG as a leader we were coached on that exact same principle by Gabrielle Whitney. I have to imagine your mentor in Coastal has had some of the same training. It is so important to set minimums. Unlike most of you that have posted other than Jani I run my biz full time as my biz is my source of income. I do average 5 figures a month and have even been in The HBC magazine for Coastal in May 2006. The challenge many have in the beginning of starting Coastal didnt come up for us. My wife is an avid traveler and used to get all the great rates for her friends and family so when we started Coastal we had that credibility already and made 10k in our first 7 weeks. We then both quit our jobs and for the last 2 years have been in business for ourselves. My challenge in balance is with my team. How to meet their needs on a daily basis as they dont have the luxury of an open schedule as I do. That gives me a big insight into what you are going through. I coach team members on just this topic every day. Mindset is key as well as schedule schedule schedule.

    On a funnier note I need to look into that flylady and other stuff Jani talked about. My wifes goal (she told me this on our first date) is to dress and rest. Ive got her to that point but she does cook great meals for me maybe I should look into getting some meals made for us. I know that doing that will give her more energy for our already incredible romantic life. To all you guys out there if you want more loving from your wife just get better at Coastal and make more money and omg what a life. Give a woman money to shop and exotic locations to do it from and your love life couldnt be better.


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