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  1. Claire93

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    Nowadays there are plenty of scam online services. It is highly recommended to be careful while choosing them. I've personally used dozens of online writing services and, believe me, not all of them are good. I've checked the reviews and, you know, the Supreme essay service has good ones. It's up to you to decide, I'm not forcing you to contact any of those before you'll really need their help.
    Just may I wonder did anyone have the same experience?
    Have you ever used any kind of extra help?
  2. elvisobryant

    elvisobryant New Member

    You are absolutely right, there are a lot of scams and there are a lot of people who want to take advantage of you. If you are trying to start out as a writer be aware of the writer mills and the bid sites. The writer mills will give you constant work but very low priced, usually 1 cent per word or less. Yea not much at all. The bid sites will have you bidding on work, but you are normally bidding against people all over the world so you will get underbid easily. As a writer advertise online but use your sources to find local work, for example writing ads for local businesses. You can also write blogs for people which can pay very well. Hope this helps.
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  3. Claire93

    Claire93 Member

    And have you used any of those? I mean, did you have such an experience?
  4. elvisobryant

    elvisobryant New Member

    Yes actually I have. I have used both. My comment is about my experience. I wasn't trying to throw out names due to I don't want to advertise. I get more clients from the "down home" businesses in my area. Most of them give me enough to keep me busy. I normally go for the small business because I find they appreciate the extras. Hope that answers your question.
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  5. KB24

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    Any type of writing service I always ask for samples first before I make a decision to pay..
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  6. Claire93

    Claire93 Member

  7. Michael Andy

    Michael Andy New Member

    Thank you Claire93 for sharing your views and experiences. It is very helpful for me that how to choose any services online by checking all the aspects before signing them.
  8. Muzzamil

    Muzzamil Member

    People like Stuart and Jay are the most trustworthy ones. Just letting everyone know.
  9. Claire93

    Claire93 Member

    There are much more aspects, so try to be very careful and good luck with it!
  10. Barbara

    Barbara New Member

    I know Claire what you are talking about and I am sure that many users will write not to trust it because it is way better to work on your essay and get the grade you deserve. But imagine that you are out of time and the help is really needed. So I am sure that online writing service is the best choice to make. i have asked a couple of my friends who used Supreme essay service. they confirmed that it is a reputable one and you will like the quality of their service

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