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    My Family and I were approached as we were shopping at the mall on Friday evening. This women came up to me and my husband and said ohhh....your son is so cute. This was the first flag for me. She said we are having an open casting call this weekend. Your some is beautiful you should bring him by. I asked her is it cost anything she said absolutely not. I had read into child modeling and knew that you should never have to pay for someone to look at your beautiful kid.

    So of course my son wanted to try it out. So we went to their office in San Jose and stood in line for almost 2 hours. He got this one line to read and did really well actually. They said that he had great potential and that they would be making call backs next week. So we got a call back and to make a long story short we went in for the call back and so did 30 other families. They played this long winded DVD about how your kid will be on the red carpet and crap like that. Then the ditsy gal who sounded like a car sales man said and this can all be yours for $2500-$5500....ya right SCAM 101. This place is a huge SCAM. Beware of BE Productions!
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