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    Some people buy Profit Lance, learn, take action and make a decent
    income from the material. Others buy the same course and still can't
    make a dime...or at least not enough to support themselves.

    Why is that?

    Remember this...

    #1 - Take ACTION!
    #2 - Take the RIGHT ACTION!
    #3 - Repeat

    There's nothing worst than not taking action. However, doing
    things wrong can hurt you equally. But don't let that deter you from
    taking action.

    As long as you know what to expect, if you make mistakes, that's
    okay because you come out ahead with some experience. The
    important thing is find out where you went wrong, correct it, and

    There are so many variables involved that even learning from the
    same source as everyone else, you're still not guaranteed to make
    the money you wanted to make.

    - market selection
    - product selection
    - traffic generation (seo, ppc, ads, articles, etc)
    - copywriting
    - etc., etc.,

    There a lot to learn but the information you need is all there in Profit Lance.[​IMG]

    You'll want to be able to identify what's working and what's not.
    When you can find out what you're doing wrong, correct it, and

    Keep everything manageable and don't do too much at the same
    time too soon. For instance...

    Pick one or two niches and one or two products to test only. Keep it
    small so that while trying to find out what sells and how to sell it,
    you don't lose too much time and money.

    You should have a way to keep track of the number of people that
    view your offer (article, ads, etc.) and be able to tell how many from
    that bought your product. If you don't have a way to measure this,
    you don't have a solid way to test, track, and measure the results
    to the changes you've made.

    If you know how many people out of 100 or 200 bought your
    product, you'll know if the product is worth marketing. If after
    making necessary changes and it's still not converting, dump it.

    Make sure all links are working, including the order link.

    You may not get it right the first time. Heck, you may not even get
    it right the 10th time but as long as you know what you're doing
    and where you went wrong, you can always tweak and test until
    you do hit the jackpot.

    If you do what everyone else does, it will get tougher and
    competition will be stiff. Sometimes, it's better to find what works
    for you.

    Think of it this way...

    Imagine the money you're spending is an investment into your

    Let's say you go to a 4-yr college...

    How much money would you have to invest?
    How much time would you have to invest?
    How much money could you expect to make after graduation?
    How much job security do you think you'll have?

    The money and time you're investing in building your online business
    is peanuts compared to the money you would have to spend to go
    to a college or university.

    Millions of people spend all this time and money in school and at
    the same time not making a single penny until the graduate and get
    a job.

    We have a chance to learn how to make money online for cheap and
    while learning and doing our "homework" we can actually make
    money at the same time.

    If it took you 4 yrs. to replace your current income that you slaved to
    make over all these years of working, is that worth it for you?

    So why are we giving up and complaining after a few weeks of
    learning something totally new to most of us?

    Maybe our expectations were influenced by the hype surrounding
    the success stories we often hear about? And when our
    expectation isn't met we get disappointed.

    The reality is there are more people not making or even losing
    money trying to make money online than there are people making money.

    But also know that a great majority of these successful people were
    once in your shoes before they found their success. They just never

    Heck, I've even lost a lot of money at first because I was too exited
    and hopeful. I lost money on adwords because I didn't know what
    I was doing and I continued to lose because my keywords were too
    broad, and I kept thinking the next sale will get me into the green.
    I lost money working with cheating in-house affiliate managers.

    However, I learned and continued and that made all the difference.
    Now I make $500+ per sale on adwords bidding $.10 per click. I try
    to find products that have no or very little competition and bid on
    very specific keywords.

    Here's a tip:

    One of my success came from promoting silver dollar coins after 911
    on adwords for $.05 a click. I had the idea after watching an
    infomercial about the WTC 911 Silver Dollar coins on TV. There were
    almost no competition at all. It lasted a while until the company I
    was promoting discontinued the 911 silver dollar.

    So look for opportunity every where and not just ebooks and
    making-money courses like everyone else.

    Here's what you need to remember though...

    Learn how to drive targeted traffic to where you want and always
    build a list in the process.

    Don't give up!

    Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for posting this. I can't agree with you more!!!! You literally took the words right out of my mouth. I think your advice will help a lot of people. [​IMG]
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    how do you recieve the money and when do get payed
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    Quiality post, a real eye opener and motivator for all viewers
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    Well said. Things can be tested on free sites. A person who feels they have enough theory might spend 6 months or so figuring out all the angles on free sites and then host a site or two to really cash in.


    »»» Newbie Shield ®
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    040107 that is a great post and so very true. If any of you here haven't gotten a copy of Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" you really owe it to your self to grab a copy and read it several times. It follows along with the theory in 040107's post. Failure is only an avenue to success. It teaches you what NOT to do again.

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