Behavior based searches and SEO...a good little read.

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    So I've heard that google will be releasing a more intelligent search algorithm that will customize searches based on previous browsing and searching experiences. In a nut shell google search results will be more geared towards YOU.

    What does this do for SEO as now a page that would have gone to the top on search results my not see the light of day on thousands of searches. This is both good and bad IMHO as it will focus your traffic, but in the same respect you might never be found by a whole segment of the population.

    Does anyone have any opinions on this?
    Here is the site talking about the near future.

    "Bruce says that everybody who does a search will end up with different search results based on their prior search history. Personalization is going to be "web-wide" using third party cookies and things.

    He provided a specific example of a search for "java". Some are looking for programming, some are looking for the beverage, and some are looking for travel information. Theoretically, personal search will know that and provide results accordingly.

    "We can't search for any term and look at rankings because I can get different results than you for exactly the same query. So that's going to change a lot," he says. It doesn't matter if you're logged into Google or not. Bruce believes that Google personalized results will be coming out within the first quarter of next year."

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