Behavioral Techniques for Improving Focus

Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by chogu10, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. chogu10

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    I have found that school work and home based businesses are very similar in workload. I cannot begin to count how many times I have sat down to write a paper and wound up on a social networking site. I learned a few tricks that help maintain your focus on important projects. First is to make a certain spot just for studying (library computers or a laptop on the kitchen table work great). This works because after a while you will get into a "working mood" when you are on this computer (same trick works for the bed and sleep as well). The next step is to do a similar trick with music (Mozart works well due to cognitive boost). Drinking coffee or other caffeine drinks can temporarily improve cognitive function but for the majority of people who are addicted to the substance it has no added bonuses anymore. These simple techniques adapted from behavioral psychology can be fantastic when trying to get yourself focused in any work at home venture (or if you have children with homework).
  2. BlueJ33

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    I agree -- I also find it hard to really buckle down and get stuff done, and juggling between working online and getting schoolwork done is also difficult. I find it personally useful to designate a certain amount of time for things before I start. For example, I'll say "I'll spend just fifteen minutes checking FaceBook", and then stick to it. I'll come home and devote a 90-minute chunk of time to homework, then another hour to working. When you can get yourself to really adhere to these time limits, I think that productivity generally increases. That's been my personal experience, anyway.
  3. pcwork

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    Yes, I agree that you can waste a lot of time on forums and social networking , so it is important to be disciplined.
  4. HarrisonL

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    I totally agree with you!

    This is also why I setup a special working room for my home business when I at home. Whenever I enter the room, I will be in working mode. Maybe this is why we need home office in our home.
  5. Lifedreamer

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    I agree starting my networking business has brought me back to the school days. Learning how to retrain my mind to stay focused on completing one article to submit. I have a room for work and then when I want silence away from it all I just go in my own room lay down in my bed and type away. It sometimes is relaxing to work on my lap-top lying down. I am happy to hear I am not the only one that at time has difficulty staying focused. [​IMG]
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    To really focus and crack down on getting work done I usually try to crank the tunes on my noise-canceling headphones and just zone out.

    But for me it really comes down to taking regular breaks to rest my mind and stretch out. It's amazing the toll it takes on your body when you've been sitting in front of a screen for too long.

    I also feel it's easy to get frustrated when you're working on something for so long and you never feel like you're getting anything accomplished. So stepping away, walking the dog, playing a game, having a snack, just getting my mind off work is always the best remedy.

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