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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Newbie Shield, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Which strategy do you prefer or would you recommend to a newbie?

    ~Newbie Shield~
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    We have some very wise people on this forum - once again, this proves it. Great topic NS and thanks for all the Squidoo Mentoring you do on here.[​IMG]
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    I am a great fan of the trial and error method, nothing compares with hands on experience and you end up knowing things which few others do.
  4. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    While there is much to be gained from the trial and error method, it is often a very roundabout way to get to the facts. The method can be time-consuming, frustrating, expensive and has been know to deflate the ambitions of some of the most earnest.

    However, if used in conjunction with a mentor who can guide your path, the experience can actually be an enjoyable adventure with much less stress.

  5. brandi11

    brandi11 New Member

    I prefer to do reserch on everything I do before I do it. The trial and error method works great for some people as long as they have the money and time to waste not everyone does.

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