Beware of Package Hosting Deals

Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by Vishal P. Rao, Sep 2, 2005.

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    When starting out on the web it's always better to avoid signing up for package type hosting where the hosting company offers domain name registration, website hosting and other goodies (like submitting your website to search engines, etc.) in one package. Here's why:

    1) Lot of these companies charge miniscule rates in the begining but when your business grows, the cost of upgrading may appear exorbitant.

    2) A contract may exist which states that the special prices are only offered contingent on remaining with a certain company for a specified amount of time (which may be years).

    3) The actual name of your site may not even be registered to you the perceived owner, but to the hosting and registrar company that initiated the purchase through the package deal. This is how these companies save money many times for consumers, as they buy in bulk, registering hundreds of sites per month.

    The real nightmare comes when you can no longer stand your current host and would like to switch your website to a better host. Your current hosting company may delay the transfer, or refuse to provide sufficient information to a new host or registrar to effectively conclude a transfer, as it would mean loss of revenue to them. This has happened to me earlier.

    The best option is always to register the domain name by yourself. So many reliable online registrars exist and it is just matter of minutes you could register your domain name. Hosting your website with a web host simply means changing the name servers (through your domain name control panel) to point to your web host (which they provide).
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    Nice one!

    I want to add that if you plan on having multiple sites, either get a:

    1) Multi-domain hosting - you can host maybe 5-10 domains using a single bandwidth limit
    2) Reseller hosting - you can host as many domains as you want, each with their seperate hosting
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    I've had several clients with this problem...they want to move their web hosting and find out they don't own their domain. So far we've lucked out in being able to apply some "moral suasion" to get the transfer done, but it's cost a lot of time and hassle to do so.

    We recommend GoDaddy for domain registration and HostGator for domain hosting.

    I'd be happy to provide any additional info if that will help.
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    I also recommend go In addition to easy domain registration, their search for avaible names and extensions was quick and easy to use. I've got host 4 profit as my web hosting companyon my pip site and they can also host additional sites at discounted rates. Both were very professional.
    [​IMG] Hope this helps.
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    Thanks. I keep a look out for such things, then run away! [​IMG]

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