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    Hi, my name is Marie! I'm new here thus I'm sorry if I have posted this question in the wrong forum, bear with me.
    I am a journalism student researching online advertising. I was curious about the ads I see everywhere. I see them on a lot of people's sites. They generally are listed as etc. I was wondering if this is a placed ad to make money, or a scam?
    Where do the ads come from? I tried going to the real site, but nothing was there. The site is always listed with a username. Is this a form of internet advertising?
    Anyway, again, sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. Thank you for your time.
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    Hi Marie,

    Welcome to the forum. I've not heard of bezoogle, so I tried to bring it up, too, but just get a blank page. I also Googled it and there is very little info. available.

    It almost looks like some type of free hosting site like freewebs or something where you can build a site for free but have to have bezoogle as part of the domain name and that is why you have the bezoogle ads.

    I would assume that bezoogle is making the money from the ads rather than the individual site creators. That would be why they are willing to offer free hosting to those users - they make the money on the advertsing.

    I could be wrong about this, but this is the only conclusion I can come to based on what I've quickly checked.

    Hope that helps explain things a bit.

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    Hi Marie and Angie, I have a few sites with these bezoogle links in them, I have 16 different site from this one program..It's a package from a membership site and I have been promoting/advertising them for about 4 months now, I make some money and am still learning how to promote them..I've learned a lot from this program.I'm also building a whole new site to put all of my affiliate sites I am a part of..I hope this helps, you can email me @ both of my email addresses below. I check both all day long to keep up with all the user's I'm taking care of.., so far I'm keeping up with it and haven't had to hire anyone else yet, but I hope I will in a few more months...If you find a link that isn't working email me so I can take care of it, I'm always available. Again, I hope this helps and I assure you everything is on the up and up.


    Thanks For Your Time,


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