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    Be very careful indeed of this one! It has all the hallmarks of a "business opportunity" without real customers. One of those things with terribly expensive products which are bought only by people joining the business, in other words, dressed up to appear legal (just like PAS was until the regulators and courts moved in).

    The people promoting it are making some very strange claims which either aren't quite what they appear to be, or don't actually mean very much.

    For instance, they are saying things like:-

    1. "Commission is paid to you when you recruit a new person into your team."

    That's clearly not true, because it would be terribly illegal. What they actually mean is that when they recruit a new person, commission is paid on the products (if any) that that person buys. but that's true in all network marketing companies.

    2. "you earn the SAME commission that your recruited person earns, EVERY TIME they recruit someone to their team. This is truly revolutionary" !!!

    Of course, this is just a different way of saying that commissions on sales are effectively divided between 2 levels, with the person making the sale and his sponsor each receiving 50% of the commission! So it's actually what was originally known in the past as bi-level marketing, before multi-level marketing became fashionable and much more popular.

    3. "you never have to pass up a sale nor settle for a reduced compensation."

    They say that so they can compare it favourably (they imagine) with the 1-up and 2-up companies. All it really means is that you split ALL your commissions 50/50 with your sponsor! Notice they don't say "reduced" compared with what? The money to pay your upline's "matching commission" actually comes out of the sale you've made yourself. So your own sales commission, compared with a convenitonal direct sales model, is actually reduced by 50%!

    It's impossible to find out from them what proportion of the company's sales, so far, have been genuine retail sales, i.e. not sales made to people joining the business. This is surely the key question that non-naive people will want to know in order to form their own impressions of whether or not it's a "real business opportunity". Companies need real customers for their products. This one doesn't have any.

    The cheapest joining level is about $800, but they try to take almost $2,000 to join at a higher level!! [​IMG]

    Be careful!
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    Hi Alexa,

    Good catch and thanx for the heads-up.

    Excellent analysis and advice.

    ~Newbie Shield~
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    Thanks, that's very kind of you.

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    Thanks...There are lots of these around. Of course with different amounts but usually a legit business has the contact info INCLUDING PHONE[​IMG]
  5. Great explanation of 'Big Ticket To Wealth'

    Who would pay $800 let alone $2000!! - but people do I know.

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    "Big Ticket to Wealth" is another so-called "High Ticket" or "Top-Tier" money making program.

    There are a lot of these type of programs out there and it is not the 'program' that makes you money but YOU and your marketing knowledge that makes you money.

    The problem with these programs is that after someone joins they don't know how to market and they make the mistake of trying to convince or 'sell' the program.

    But instead of trying to 'sell' a high-ticket program, you need to rather HELP your prospects make money with their current business first.

    Once you help them make money in their current business and they are making money, they will want to make MORE money because now they know how to market since you helped them with their current business.

    And at that time $800 or a $2000 or a $20,000 price tag to the program doesn't matter because now you know how to truly market consistently and you know that these "Top-Tier" or "High-Ticket" programs like "Big Ticket to Wealth" will make you months of $10,000, $20,000, even $50,000 or more of income.

    This is where you see these people out there making so much money a month while others struggle to do anything at all.

    The top marketers Do The Opposite.

    They truly HELP others make money in their current business and go on from there.

    And it's 2-way street. You have to help others to make money in return yourself and your team members have to take the time to gain and apply the marketing knowledge. There are no shortcuts.

    And yes there are also marketers out there making big bucks who are not honest and not really helping anyone but themselves but these marketers have their incomes built on a sandy foundation and it will come down just as fast as it went up.

    But those real marketers who truly understand and know how to market and truly HELP others have their business built on a solid foundation.

    And these honest top marketers attract other "top-tier" people into their teams who are willing and ready to learn and gain the marketing knowledge.

    While the dishonest marketers are attracting people who want to get rick quick. Who are not going to gain the knowledge because no one is really teaching them and they also came into the business with a 'get rich quick' mentality.

    They are not in the right mindset to learn and grow because they want it all 'quick' and don't have it in their mind to take the time or put forth the effort to learn and grow.

    Remember that you attract who you are. If you are a 'get rich quick' person you are going to attract those same type of people who aren't going to put forth the real effort to make it happen. There are no shortcuts.[​IMG]

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    wish I read this thread before... Not to long ago I joined Big Ticket, haven't explored properly quite yet.. But thanks for the heads up anyway, now I can avoid buying all the other products and services they trie to sell me...
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    I agree with Tim...(you must also be successful buddy!) I am a member of this program and came from an Insurance background. The Big Ticket to Wealth program is very unique in the fact that the training is actually as fulfilling as a University education if it were available through a University.
    I myself used this program to not only create a substantial income through the affiliate program it offers, but it has taken my brick and mortar business beyond anything I could have imagined. It is true, I would pay any amount if the education and the mentoring was worth it, and in this was well worth it=)

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