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    I am not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I wanted to let people know about a really useful FREE tool I have found. It is called Billeo. It actually does several useful things.

    It stores sign in info.
    It has a wonderful autofill feature, that is great for filling out forms, or signing up for websites.
    It also keeps receipts for anything you purchase online.
    It is p***word protected, and all info is stored in your computer.
    It is free, and you can DL it at
    Unfortunately in my experience it only works for IE and FF browsers.
    And certain banking websites won't work while Billeo is on (it is easy to turn off)

    With the autofiller, you just put your Name, shipping address, email, etc into the proper fields one time. Then when you need it, you just click the "Fill Forms" button in the toolbar, and off you go [​IMG]

    I have found this little tool very useful at tiomes, and I just wanted to share it with everyone here.
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    Have never heard of it but will check it out. It sounds similar to Roboform.

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