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Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by victorious, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. victorious

    victorious New Member

    It is a fact that Coastal Vacations is in the top 5 home-based businesses virtually since its launch 13 years ago. It a business that people can do online and offline and make thousands of dollars on each sale.

    However, many people join Coastal Vacations and then get frustrated when they don't see the expected results in a short amount of time.

    Here are five steps that could help you get a boost in your Coastal Vacations sales if you implement them immediately.

    1- Treat it like a business - Have a home office set up and make a schedule.
    2- Change your mindset - "What do I want and how to do I get it?"
    3- Add Value and Bonuses - Everybody loves freebies (e-books, audio training, etc.)
    4- Don't Try To Re-invent The Wheel - Look at what is working for other successful directors.
    5- Location, Location, Location - Advertise in the right places

    Matt & Catherine Willis
    Successful Coastal Vacations Level 3 Directors
  2. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Here are 5 more:

    1 - Consistent Activity - Commit to working your business on a regular schedule...even after almost 5 years...I'm still working consistently.

    2 - Attend the Official Training and Q and A calls. These calls are there for you to learn how to market your business and to gather information about Coastal.

    3 - Attend the Official Events - Serious Directors attend the events. There are alot of back seat drivers when it comes to Coastal and it's important that your in the FRONT seat....learning EVERYTHING you can about Coastal Vacations...New Information is given at these events. New Vacations, New Tools, and much, much more.

    4 - Invest for Results - When it comes to marketing your business there are alot of people who'll share ideas...but, are those ideas profitable??? Will they give you results. I ONLY use wholesale leads because EVERYONE can do it...and if you want to LEARN know how to reach me.

    5 - Use the product - The biggest challenge I see with Coastal Directors is that so, so many DON'T use their membership. Start out with a 3 Day, 2 Night vacations and expand from there. I started my first Orlando trip with hotel, I'm spoiled by the Resort Condos and can't see myself doing much else. I'm going to be bringing a group of people to the March event and will rent a home for this trip.

    Expirence in business is so've got to work with someone who has the experience to help you reach your goals.

    Jay NaPier
  3. victorious

    victorious New Member

    Thank you for the addion, Jay.

    It is very important that ALL Coastal members use the package so they know what they are promoting! There are hundreds or even thousands of ways to use the package locally, nationally, AND internationally.

    When were in town we use our package to get discounts in gold and dining. When we are out of town, we get great deals at hotels and, of course, vacations make GREAT Christmas gifts!

    Matt & Catherine Willis
    Successful Coastal Vacations Level 3 Directors
  4. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Great information I love it. This forum has really stepped up. I love it when a plan comes together. Thats a quote from the TV A-Team I like to use alot. All I can add to all the great information is one thing.


    Adam Frederick
    Platinum Coastal Director
    302 476 2753
  5. victorious

    victorious New Member

    Thank you, Adam.
    It is great that this forum is a place where we can all help and learn from each other.

    We are known to take care of our people, and it is even a bigger blessing to help everyone here on the forum and learn from you all too!

    Matt & Catherine Willis
    Successful Coastal Vacations Level 3 Directors

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