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  1. gladis

    gladis New Member

    I tried pay survey before two summer ago and it realy drain me
    i had to be on the computer all all the time and i never saw any benefit and money ! with three children i could not do it.

    what iam willing to tried this summer is the freepay network where you get a laptop or a x box for free or cash but you have to refer either 2 to 8 people depending of the program?

  2. dppls

    dppls New Member

    Yeah, the freepay really works!

    I actually got a Xbox 360 off of it in 2006...

    You have to work hard to get those referrals though...
    Because not all the offers are good for everyone, still I'd check it out if I were you.

    The surveys did the same for me. First, do no pay for people do bring you to surveys, there are ALOT of websites that will give you surveys for free... I found for the hours I put it, I wasn't getting my money's worth though...
  3. Darksanity

    Darksanity New Member

    I don't get how they can possibly make money on Freepay. It always sounded like a scam to me... Almost all offers are way below $10 value, and lets say you need 20 refs for an Aplle iBook... that's about $200 spend in offers by you and your refs... but an Apple iBook costs over 1000... I don't get the catch?
  4. photomom04

    photomom04 New Member

    I would have to guess that you both were signed up with PTR's and offer sites if you were spending hours everyday online.

    Most people who take real surveys get a handful a day and even then will only qualify for a couple of the actual studies. Realistically most survey takers spend maybe an hour or so total a day taking screeners. If you do qualify for a study you know before you ever agree to take it that it will take a certain amount of time and pay a certain amount of money. For instance there was one yesterday that would take 60 mins and paid $10 and another that would take 60 mins but paid $30..

    You are right in saying that you shouldn't pay anyone to get a list of survey sites. There are plenty of good free ones. The list on my website is free and does not include the PTR and offer sites that drive so many people crazy.
  5. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Instead of surveys, try to sign up for relevant focus groups. They will pay you more
  6. photomom04

    photomom04 New Member

    Focus groups do pay more but not all cities, especially the more rural areas have a research company where they can apply for the focus groups.

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