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Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by GlennELee, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. GlennELee

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    I found this accidentally by checking my gmail account via a web browser (very rare since I normally use Mozilla Thunderbird for my email reading pleasure), but just because I felt like it, I opened it up and saw a link to Google Sites and thought it was pretty rad!

    I made a website quickly using heavy keyword density for "Make Money Online" and "Making Money Online". It's relatively easy to use, get to choose a few templates and give you some additional power by allowing custom HTML which can be used to embed videos and the like, plus they automatically integrate several Google services including Adsense.

    If you're a novice web designer or just need something to host yourself out there. Get yourself a domain name from either or (they're cheap for a whole year) or you can claim a free one from RM,, or and route that baby to your google sites website.
  2. TheWorkerGal

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    nice find i liky i likey its very easy for me to use thank you glenn u r awesome
  3. Seth

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  4. cherie27

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    Making use of Google sites will help you to get index faster by Google.
  5. getreffs

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    Nice but it is free or not.
    What is Prices Plan.
    Monthly or yearly
    I think all google services are very quality services.It might be good as compare to other
  6. Ballistic

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    It is free however it is very limited.
  7. HarryJackson

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    Nice find,thanks for your sharing its really help full

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