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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Angie, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Angie

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    Good afternoon,

    I work for a major Canadian bank. I'm wondering if there is someone here, not self employed, who has built a successful business case for working at home? I'd like to know details about how you measured success, and the general pros and cons of your arrangement.

    We are trying to build a business case now for all the managers of smaller teams to work from home anywhere from 1-3 days per week, and would appreciate any suggestions or tips you can offer.
  2. westfam11

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    My husband was able to work from home for the telephone company two days a week. He basically knows what his job requirements are and as long as he does everything he is supposed to do and would normally do when he is in the office everything goes fine.

    It just has to be measured by the job description and work load expected more than just say working the eight hours. I do know he is much more relaxed and more productive when he works from home.

  3. pcwork

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    I have people working from home for me. Payment is exclusively based on the work done.
  4. opendomain

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    I work as a bookkeeper from home.
    Generally my work performance is based on what I get done. I've set my contract up with my main client at 350 every two weeks. Some days are light some days are heavy and tax season is always horrible. Beyond that there are performace goals also. Those are typically run somethin glike this:

    Gilbert can you get X done by Ydate for the CPA to look at. If you do i'll send you an extra $100. If i can get it done in the requested time I get the extra money, if not then I still have to get it done asap, however the incentive bonus is gone.

    The pro's of this are that I know what my pay will be which helps me budget my money and so forth, the major con is that I don't always know how much time a week I might need to spend on the books and upkeep.

    Overall I enjoy it much more, communication can sometimes be an issue but I believe this is due largley to my day job.

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