1. gartanjan

    gartanjan New Member

    Hi everybody. I am writing from Riga, Latvia and I am seeking for an advice in internet business. I've heard many things about the Pay per Click system - advertising site sends links to all users and they must click on them and site pays 0.01, 0.02, 0.03 cents per click. if you reffer this site to a friend and your friend register on this site as well, you will recieve 1 cent more for every click your friend does. After you will get lots of refferals you can earn lots of money. At least this is what the forum of this site says. I am getting quite close in earning the minimal sum which I can withdraw from my web account but I am also worried if all this system is just a scam. Maybe someone has experience in this business and can help me out. Here is the link http://bux.to/ . Any comments will be really appreciated

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  2. sorian

    sorian New Member

    you can make money in the PTC industry, and as far as PTCs go bux.to is the top dog. they have over 2.5 million members witch dwarfs any other PTC out there.

    Also as for PTCs that pay $0.02 or $0.03 steer clear of any site that claims to pay that much (before upgraded membership at least) cuz they are most definitely scam sites.

    Which brings up the largest problem with the PTC industry, scam PTCs run rampant, poping up and vanishing near daily. due to this the PTC industry has a less then favorable reputation.

    But even with such problems there are a handfull of great and honest PTC sites out there (including bux.to) and it is possible to make a good amount of money from them by getting allot of referrals, or buying allot of referrals. there are allot of people on bux.to and other PTCs that make hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month from it.

    so to sum it up bux.to is NOT a scam (though cashing out takes awhile to get your payment, mostly due to the huge member base they have) and there are other PTC sites that are not scams. but there are many that are and there are new scam PTCs near daily.
  3. gartanjan

    gartanjan New Member

    Thanks a lot, but there is another problem straight away - if you will buy those refferals they can be not active, e.g. someone founds out about this website, registers and uses only for several days. And you will buy "dead" refferal [​IMG] Also it is really difficult to explain that all this system it is not a scam, because they don't have any contact phones or e-mails. It is very interesting but which way is the best to get lots of refferals?
  4. sorian

    sorian New Member

    the best way to get lots of refs? buy them is the only real way to get lots, unless you happen to have a very high traffic website or blog.

    Yep buying refs is a gamble, but it is the only choice if you want a ton of refs, sometimes you get lucky and get all active refs, sometimes you get very few. but in the long run it is worth it.

    as for contact emails i am pretty sure there are some listed somewhere on the site.
  5. jansaiv

    jansaiv New Member

    Well, to be honest with you, all those the bux-like bla bla ptc systems does not work unless you have 1000nds of active refferials. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. I've been using these and other ptcs' and wasted too much precious time for a whole year. Lost lots of time, energy and more money than I earned on these obvious matrix-type-million-promissing programs. And clicking in all those million-promissing-traffic-delivery portals is the same case-unless you are using some really effective clickbot.
    Honestly, to make some real money you have to find a good start. I have now.
  6. GreekMooMan

    GreekMooMan New Member

    Bux.to is a legitimate PTC company. They have many positive reviews. You will not get rich using Bux.to, but if you couple it with several other online incentive programs you may earn some decent extra cash. Still nothing to get you rich.

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