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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by jmusic, May 15, 2009.

  1. jmusic

    jmusic New Member

    I finished training for this on the middle of april... And still have not been able to start due to "Tech Problems" My husband is furious... When I started I was given a pay amount if you choose a reoccuring schedule and I choose one.. Well since all the tech issue happened the schedules could not be confirmed so they just put out a new reoccuring schedule to choose from and now they are saying " Well going forward it is now $*.**an hour" Thats 2.00 less then what orginially was said when I did ALL THAT TRAINING FOR THIS.... Has anyone else been through this???
  2. WAHCS

    WAHCS New Member

    Hello, nice to see someone on the same skill as me. I finished my training in April as well and have had nothing but tech issues. I think I am finally past the tech issues now and have slowly started picking up hours. Is it just me or do you feel like you really don't know what you are doing? I have done 4 shifts so far (each just an hour long so I can get a feel for it) and I have not received one single cust. call during any of those shifts. Have you put in any shifts yet? I understand about your husband...mine is being patient but he is not happy either. If you want to private message me we can exchange e-mails if you would like and we can compare notes. Would be nice to have a buddy on the same skill as me. Angie[​IMG]
  3. lakewoodgirl

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    West seems to constantly change pay rates-- when i started 2 years ago it was .22 per talk minute, then it changed to .90 per call then it changed to $9/hr then over a period of about 6 months it decreased every few weeks by about .25- .50, no warning, no explanation to 7.25/hr. Then it went to .20 per talk minute, when it got busy and you were talking almot the entire hour they would change it back to $7.25/$7.50 per hour. Any other company would say we have to do a pay cutback or something--- not just drop rates with no explanation. Very frustrating...vir@n m0bil3 now going to 3rd world countries for cust service instead of west.
  4. sunshinegirl

    sunshinegirl New Member

    So glad to find this site, and others working the same skill! I feel like I'm reasonably intelligent, and I've only put in 3 hours of taking calls; but I do feel like I have NO CLUE what I'm doing with this! I'm doing good to find the right window when I need it, get the windows closed when I need to, etc. I can't remember anything from training and I'm feeling very overwhelmed by all the different scenarios and options!!!
  5. busymom

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    I just got hired on with West and I just started this skill training last week. I feel a bit overwhelmed and was hoping you guys could give me some advice. I'm trying to remember it all, but it's SO much. How long did you guys take for the training and what do you do when you're finished with all the modules?

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