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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by cluless, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. cluless

    cluless New Member

    Hi, I just got hired and have read how the phone used must be feature free. The problem is that my VOIP phone has caller ID, and that cannot be turned off or removed from that service. Will this keep my line from working? I don't see why that feature being on there would matter, what would it hurt? I realize West says you can't have it, but has anybody actually tried using a phone line with caller ID? If I can just use it until I get my first check, I'll then have the cash to get the second feature free land line. So, again my question is, has anybody actually verified that a line with caller ID won't work?
  2. kaya910

    kaya910 New Member

    I have caller ID still on my phone. No problems. I only have one phone line also because if anyone needs to continue me I will give them my cell number or forward all my calls to the cell phone because getting another line is expensive through the local phone company. You don't want to have call waiting on there though because it can cause you to miss phone calls.
  3. cluless

    cluless New Member

    Thank you. That was exactly what I needed to know. My VOIP does have call waiting, but that can be turned off. Now that I know it will work with caller ID, I'm all set.
  4. snowball

    snowball New Member

  5. kaya910

    kaya910 New Member

    How do they know?
  6. snowball

    snowball New Member

    Thats what we were trying to find out , a friend who ia a PAL said if you have caller ID that even if you turn it off that when calls are routed to your line it thinks you are ready for another call when you are really on the phone with a customer all ready..all I know is they do know and just like they know if you have ACF up on your screen.
    I know Tabitha had ID turned it off on each shift and was locked out of West for 24 hours she was asked to call them to get it unlocked when she did they explained that they knew she had caller ID to get it removed then to call back when she did they unlocked it but not without giving her a pin for it ...thats why West states you must not have caller ID
  7. cluless

    cluless New Member

    kaya, how long have you been using a line with caller ID to work for West? I just need to get away with it long enough to get my first check and have a second phone installed.

    Snowball, you said "...when calls are routed to your line it thinks you are ready for another call when you are really on the phone with a customer all ready...". Are you sure you're not talking about call waiting? That what it sounds like you are describing.
  8. snowball

    snowball New Member

    Nope go to Rip off Report look up West , it kinda gives you an ideal what they will do about lines and features you are not to have..
    and no I am not talking about caller ID but that is what A Pal told me how they find out ...I have been with West long long time and I to got a pin in 2005 for that caller ID I was not blocked however now they do block you until it is off ..maybe we are just a few that it has happened to ..but when it comes to West I would not take the chance now myself ..since I have been with WEST for so long now I get on here to try to pass along any information that may help out .
  9. rsoler

    rsoler New Member

    Hi everyone,

    all features from phone caller id, call waiting, answering machines etc.. must be removed from your phone service. I got blocked 1yr ago because of having caller id and call waiting on my phone. However, I did not get a pin as soon as you remove it you will be ok and they will unblock it. These are not grounds to worry about losing your job is just a matter of hrs to get this done with your phone provider no biggie.

  10. vagabond

    vagabond New Member

    OK, you are not supposed to have any features on your phone so technically they can block you if they know you have them. The only one I understand them not wanting you to have is call waiting because it could make it seem like you were available even though you were in a call,you can not just "turn it off" because when you do it only stops it for your next outgoing call, it will not stay off because you are taking incoming calls not making outgoing calls, you can call the phone company and have them turn it off. As for caller ID all that does is tell you who is calling and you do not turn it off you have to have it removed. I don't think they have any way of knowing if you have this or not and I can not see any way it could interfere with calls. But PLEASE, snowball, stop calling it caller ID when what you are talking about is call waiting, they are two separate things and while they can be combined,without call waiting you have no problem.
  11. mgarrison

    mgarrison New Member

    question for you guys. I have one phone line with NO features so I'm good there. I do have an answering machine but I can turn it off... Do you need long distance for call backs etc, and should I have a second line for putting a client on hold to contact a PAL or is there something in their software that handles this?
  12. janterbran

    janterbran New Member

    You do not need a second line to call a pal, it is in the software.
  13. shortylow2008

    shortylow2008 New Member

    I work for West and did have the call waiting feature removed from my phone becaue it was interfering with calls. West did not tell me to remove it though. I do however have caller ID on my phone and it has not interfered with any calls. It's hard to find a phone that is headset capable with it also having the caller ID feature on the phone.
  14. rutroh

    rutroh New Member

    I have caller id and have not had a problem. That's my only feature I have. For those who have it, it usually showws the same # on calls when I work but sometimes I get calls that say West Corperation/ It goes to the main # in Omaha. I am pretty sure it is someone from West making test calls. Has anyone noticed this on their caller id?

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