Can someone explain the different skills offered at West?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by kwill33710, Jul 1, 2009.

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    I just applied at West a few days ago and am waiting to hear back. But I ended up here in the mean time wanting to get a little more information about them since I am new to this.

    I see everyone talking about the skills especially Direct Response which seems to get into upselling which makes me nervous. Are you asked to choose a skill when hired? What are the options given to you? Does DR pay more then other skills? Can someone give me a run down on the skills and how they approach you to select one or can you select multiple? Just curious. If selected for a position I would like to be prepared since I see so many people not happy with the skill they have selected from hire. Any info. would be helpful[​IMG] Thanks!
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    1. west choose ur skill.

    u need to wait a least 2 weeks for any respond, if u r lucky maybe before or a few more weeks!. my friend apply 1 1/2 weeks ago and nothing yet, when i apply i got the welcome letter in 2 weeks!.

    2. When u get ur skill, dont failed the training.

    3. DR = direct response are things from the tv is a good skill is 24/7 all day long.
    Also hsn is 24/7

    right now west r closing like 4 skills.
    *whirlpool recall.
    *schering care.
    *virgina mobile.

    So is a lot a agents without work now, if ur lucky you get a skill soon, if u read this forum u will see that is a few agents waiting for a new invitation like 3 weeks waiting, i was lucku also, because after i failed my test a get anothe chance that is not alwayz like that, i get whirlpool recall bilingual, but now is ending tomorrow and i already get another invitation to work in toy r us, bilingual also. last week, i finish my training so i just need to wait my webinar. thanks god i got that new skill.

    But dont worry u will hear something soon any ?? u can ask me anytime if u have yahoo messenger or aol. just let me know!
    good luck

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