Can someone explain twitter to me?

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by stacylee, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. stacylee

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    I signed up last night because I want to try it as a marketing tool. I understand the concept of tweets. But HOW do you get people to follow your blog? I tried to get the twitter widget on my blog last night, and the sign showed up with no content. Anywho....

    Are they following you once they go to your blog and see the twitter widget. Or are you somehow attracting them other ways.

    I just don't understand how people can have 1000 followers...

    I understand some like it and some don't, but I am trying to do something every day to market my blog.
  2. sachik

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  3. 3stepads

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    Well, people will follow Your on Twitter, if You have something interesting on it. You must Tweet (post mini posts) and if someone finds it interesting, they will follow You.

    Now If You wanna make Your blog readers follow You, then add "Follow Me" buttons to Your blog (just do the google search). In this case, of course, Your Tweets must be related to Your blog posts, like I have posted new post about ... so on.

    Another tactics that most Twitters with 1000 followers are using, is to find other Twitter blogs, related to Yours and just follow them. They will follow You and maybe some their followers do the same.
  4. dula14

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    Hi Stacy, is a great service for integrating your blog feed with your tweets. The service is free and is a great way to pick up a large number of followers and gain exposure to your blog..
  5. magume

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    I just simply follow some twitters and post once a day something interesting related to my niche.

    Also i singed up for, it's free. Don't expect so much followers as promised on the website, but some you'll get.

  6. elle14

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    They already clarify your question. BTW those people can gain a 1000 followers simply because they are using some tools. And twitter will help you to promote your blog. Just be sure you are following the right procedure. [​IMG] Goodluck
  7. Jean LA

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    You should target people with interest in your posts or niche. There are lots of twitters that are only surfing around. You can filter people to follow at
  8. Just follow other people in the same niche as yourself.

    You can only follow 2000 people at a time, until you have 2000 people following you.

    Most people will follow you if you are following them.

    You can sign up to
    to de-select the people that aren't following you back.

  9. Newbie Shield

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    When you view a Twitter entry, how do you feel? Do you think highly of it or not?

    ~Newbie Shield~
  10. ACB123

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    Still trying to figure it out myself. I think I"m tweeting in the dark.

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