Carb-Back Loading Diet

Discussion in 'Diet and Nutrition' started by deepgc, Jun 8, 2016.

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    I'm self-employed and always working on the computer, and therefore my calorie usage is extremely low.

    My friend has recommended the Carb-Back loading diet, where I eat vegetables, meats and dairy products through the day, but leave the carbs until late at night.

    Has anyone got any experience of this method?
  2. payment proof

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    I would think that having a lot of carbs before you go to bed would be stored, in other words, make your belly bigger. :)

    Try to cut back a bit on what you eat, make healthy choices, and get more exercise.
  3. deepgc

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    The purpose of the carb-back loading diet is to trick your body in burning more fat through the day from the moment you get up. The carbs you would eat at night are simply to top up the calories burned through the day.

    Just a note as well, I would never go massive on carbs late at night, something like a curry & rice, or a home-made stone baked pizza etc.
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    So I've been having tons of success with using the Brendon Burchard 5x50 routine: It's a great way to keep things running smoothly & FIT for that matter.

    Here it is to save the search:

    "I'm obsessed with high performance and helping you hit extraordinary levels of clarity, success and influence in life.

    So before the week gets crazy, resolve to do these 5 things and you'll be 30% more productive (and energized) this week:

    1. Sleep 50 minutes more. Unless you usually sleep 8 hours per night, bump your regular sleep routine up by 50 minutes. This means go to bed 50 minutes earlier. That extra sleep will improve your cognitive scores by 22% within 7 days. Nice! Plus, you'll have more energy to get stuff done, and you'll be kinder to others - yep, the science proves it.

    2. Spend 50 minutes in the morning stretching and strategizing. Stretch for 20 minutes (I recommend yoga) then strategize your day for 30 minutes. This means you do not check email or respond to others in the first 50 minutes of the day. This alone will change your life. The inbox is nothing but a convenient organizing system of other peoples' agendas; so if you begin the day in your inbox you are framing the day in reaction not thought. Instead, get in tune with your body, then sit down and decide on the major projects and priorities you will dramatically move forward today.

    3. Work/create in 50-minute scheduled blocks. During these blocks, NOTHING is allowed to happen except you focus and work. You don't take calls, look at your inbox, browse, or start other activities. You do ONE THING. I block four of these per day and it's why, in just a few years, I became "the most prolific content developer and trainer in the personal development world." It's how I amassed 3MM followers and built an 8-figure company. FOCUS.

    4. Every 50 minutes, take a BREAK. I set an alarm on my phone to go off every 50 minutes. It helps me get that block time done, but it also makes sure I stand, stretch and hydrate every hour. No matter what I'm doing, no matter how interested or passionate I am, at the 50-minute mark I stand, get water, stretch or walk, even if just for 5-10minutes. It refreshes the mind, allows the body to re-align after sitting, and builds up tremendous stores of energy.

    5. Create 50 minute renewal times. I do 20 minutes of the Release Meditation Technique every day, and I also walk briskly OUTSIDE for 30 minutes - EVERY day. That's 50 minutes in the day total to completely focus on energy renewal. Yes, I also work out every other day, but that is not counted in this or the other 50 minute blocks. This 50 minutes of total renewal each day is a MUST for high performers who want to be creative, energized and without gobs of stress.

    I've proven these five things can get anyone 30% more energy and effectiveness in just one week."

    --All that is quoted via Brendon Burchard

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