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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by DJC1916, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. DJC1916

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    I'm completely new here and also to starting a home based online business. I've purchase the Rich Jerk e book and thankfully have a guy I met a bit back who is going to show me how to work this right. I have a question for anyone on here if they or anyone they know has participated in the cash to your home program. I left the link below. I've seen quite a few ads for this program and I'm really curious. There are levels to join and I'm just curious if:

    A) It works?
    B) It's legal?
    C) How long it takes to start seeing money?

    If anyone has info that would be very much appreciated. I've spoken with Jon From Seattle and obviously he seems really nice and all. I don't want to just give up to $3500 and never see a penny come in. Here's the link.
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Your income will depend on your selling skills
  3. DJC1916

    DJC1916 New Member

    It's all stated as no selling or convincing. Just returning phone calls and if they like what you say and what they hear on recorded conference calls they can join on whatever level they can afford or want to. It's a very non chalant pitch. If they don't want to join go to the next inquiry. I just want to know if anyone has done it. If so did they make money at it? At least what they put in.
  4. hsc1898

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    Hi DJC1916,

    I found that therich jerk ebook is really useful, eventough the content is quite short. We will need to do more research in depth. Try out with the complete package program to get you started quickly and learning by doing.

    never tried Cash to your home would be interested to hear from others too.

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  5. iworkinmyboxers

    iworkinmyboxers New Member

    DJC1916.....I am in this program and it is one of the ONLY higher ticket programs that has ever worked for me.
    There is no selling or convincing and people listen to our telephone workshop call and they either join or they dont.
    The thing a lot of people dont like about it is there is quite a bit of phone work, however our group has put together a movie that I obviously, cant advertise here....but u can email me or IM me for the details.
    We have a system in place that gets hits to the movie, they opt-in and make an APPOINTMENT to be called.
    I have been in this program for over 3 years now.
  6. minut

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    I also have read some good feedbacks of the rich jerk.... If I have more cash to spare, I'll definitely get this one, just to see what's in it....

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