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  1. knadeau

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    Hi! I'm new here. I started a month a go looking at part-time work-at-home opportunities, and I must say I am overwhelmed with info!

    I am a full-time PhD student and I have a part time job, which I would like to replace with a more lucrative online job. Now I have read through this forum and other forums, and I am well-aware of scams and BS out there. When it seems easy to find complaints about products offered, i find it hard to find what works!

    Btw, i do not have a web site and I don't want one. I don't know what I would put on it, and even less, how I would get traffic to it. I know there are 100's of e-books about this, but I do not have the time, energy or will to read them all. I do not want to seem lazy, but I am not looking to become an instant millionaire. I want to make, lets say 1000-2000$ a months, to help reimburse my student loans. My schedule is already very busy, and although I know it requires time and effort to make money online, I would like to keep that under 10 hours/week.

    My specific questions are:

    1- Have any of you looked into CB mall? If so, what do you think about it?

    2- What about Billy Briggs' Type-at-home? I registered to this and I liked how he really explains, step-by-step what to do. Even I could understand (and trust me, I can barely understand how to turn my computer on/off. I am not a technology person, I hate everything that has buttons!) So I was able to create the affiliate links. Now one of his free way of promoting products is by placing adds on classified add sites. He says to place 100's of them and hope people will click on them and then you get the comisson if they buy. Ok, i know it's basic and most of you probably know all this, but I am completely new to this, and I found his web site useful. BUT, will I really make money by placing adds on every add site there is out there???? Is there not a more efficient way to get people to click on your links? Besides owning a web site....? Should I continue this or am I wasting my time?

    3- Paid surveys: I remember trying this a few years ago, and I stopped, cause all I would get are very few 2-3$ surveys (at most!). I was never in the proper age group, region, or I don't know what. Who gets the 20$ surveys? And how can you get 4 a day???? Is this possible, or just another illusion? Btw, I am Canadian, so I suppose we are even more limited in the surveys we can take. If any of you knows about a survey site that really delivers what it promisses (even a single 20$ survey a day would make me happy, that would be 600$ a months!), please let me know.

  2. getagrip

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    I'd suggest giving affiliate marketing a shot...and stay away from type at home and paid surveys. CB Mall is a legitimate product, but the trick is getting traffic to it - but I've heard that some people are having a hard time making money with it.
  3. 040107

    040107 Member

    This may be something quite a few people overlook...

    What is your field of expertise (phD or otherwise)?

    Maybe you could capitalize on the resources, knowledge, and experience that you currently have?

    Think about it...
  4. knadeau

    knadeau New Member


    Can you be more specific about affiliate marketing? Isn't promoting a product such as CBmall an affiliate program? (Again, i am very new to this...)

    As for my "expertise", I am doing a Ph.D in human genetics. I do research work....Not much I can sell here.....But i'll think about it.....

  5. knadeau

    knadeau New Member

    One more thing...

    I received an e-mail about SEbastian's Foss Money Bank System and Tellman Knoudson Ultra Marketing Marathon?

    Anyone knows anything about these?

  6. systemfan1188

    systemfan1188 New Member

    yeah I would definitly give affiliate marketing a shot. It's got some pretty good competition but if you learn the ropes you should do well.

    Definitly stay away from the paid survey sites and stuff.

    If your looking to get into affililate marketing you should look into the Average Joe Income Package. That's how I got started with it..you basically learn everything a beginner should know and some other other tips once you get the ball rolling. You can read my review of the Average Joes in my blog - address is in my signature.

    You can always send me a message if you have any questions about it...hope this helps out.
  7. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    You can try freelance writing and many people would hire you for online tutions

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