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  1. DCollier

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    Having Joined a few weeks ago (4) at 24.95 and quickly finding out that its a draged out course streched out 8 weeks , Im wondering if anyone here has had anything to say about their results. The program when unfolded to the public in its 8 weeks will cost 75.00
    due to the monthly membership. So its another creation of MMM to soak members for dribbled info (repeated over and again in video with each weeks release. As you can tell I'm a bit dismayed at the design of yet another new ,limited time, release of a product that sells itself on making money on a new direction in Affiliate Marketing. making money running ads on the IPhone
    Cell Phone Cash. Its the top seller on "Clickbank" at a whopping 837 gravity ( which is that 837 affiliates are selling this within a 1-2 week period) So please chime in with the experiences you have so far. For me the program is misleading right up front.
    and entices you to continue to the 8th week and more to get all the REAL inside information to making money.

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  2. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    You are right about the dragged out aspect. However, everyone may not be as up to par on marketing as you and I. I'm not sure how you came up with $75, 2 months would equal $50. That being said I do think the course has value for the money. The cost to get into cellpone advertising is not inexpensive but certainly appears it could pay off very well. As with all marketing, the right product to the righ audience sells very well.

    I was going to jump right into marketing but decided I will wait and get the full knowledge he's offering. The course is certainly more valuable relative to price compared to many of the google adwords and clickbank marketing courses out there.
  3. DCollier

    DCollier Member

    "I'm not sure how you came up with $75, 2 months would equal $50. That being said I do think the course has value for the money."

    I could be wrong on this but there's the initial 24.95 , then 4 weeks later its 24.95 , and on the 8th week of the course its 24.95.
    carefully designed to get you for 24.95 x 3 in the 2 months time.
    So you will need to complete the last lesson just in time to get the new month subscription canceled (I doubt you can) if you are not satisfied.

    Yes, it is a very slow repeated course ,but also outlines that the real successes are in the latter releases. So the initial sales pitch about getting ads up on AD Mob is easy. but also a very quick way to loose your account due to no sales. True sales are done through "touch here" and talk via the phone on a product. Or watch a video that you produce through UTube that has a floating URL bubble there to catch there eye , for them to then get home and get to the site. Or an audio ad that "tells them to sell them".
    I'm just not seeing all the IPhone users out there stopping in there tracks searching and buying johny on the spot for a fix to there every day need such as loosing that fat they just put on stopping into a Wendy's for lunch.

    but then again 12 years ago , who the heck was google?
  4. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    From what I've gathered so far from the course, the "easy money" is going to come from using "email submit" type CPA offers or call in offers, as you noted. That would make sense, as many will likely submit their email versus their credit card info.

    Most that decided to buy on the internet don't do so initially until after thinking things over. So at best your site or video that is for making an immediate purchase could initially get booked marked and then people come back around and buy later.

    Also, I don't think the course is going to be complete in 8 weeks, as it he says he will be providing on going info, but regardless of the proper calculation, I think the value is there, compared to other courses that talk about marketing online using paid sources such as search engines.
  5. Andy3568

    Andy3568 New Member

    I was not aware it was like that. I thought it was a work at your own pace type program where you had access to all the videos and you could watch them whenever you wanted. That said, it does come with a guarantee, so if you feel like you're not getting your money's worth, you could request the refund.
  6. bells401

    bells401 Member

    Yeah this is one of those "Nah i'll pass" programs
  7. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Not sure why you would think this is something to pass on. It's an affiliate marketing educational course with the focus being on cellphone marketing. It's not a biz opp, network marketing, mlm thing.

    Nothing bad about it. Some may or may not agree with the price but I don't see where we are looking at an expensive cost here, especially compared to what some of these guru's charge for their PPC wonder courses.
  8. 247MoneyMentor

    247MoneyMentor New Member

    So as anyone made any money on this programme?
  9. Andy3568

    Andy3568 New Member

    Sure, Mack Michaels made over $300,000 in one month. LOL

    You mention that the cost to get into cell phone marketing is not inexpensive. About how much would be typical to spend on cell phone marketing per month? That's something that I noticed was absent from the sales material but would be useful to know before getting into it.
  10. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Is it that you don't believe he made $300K or that people make $300K in one month in their online/home business?

    Minimum deposit with recommended ad agency is $100. And you can get clicks for .03 cents or greater. Course suggest bidding no more than .06 cents Way, way less than google adwords for a targeted audience.
  11. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

  12. DCollier

    DCollier Member

    wow week 5 in the training videos. what a bunch of crap.
    Amazing what the garbage they will put on a pitch page to sell this .
    Yep just another marketing ploy . the money is in selling the cell phone product , and not the product itself. That is were mack michaels is doing his bidding. all of a sudden the dragged out training is reveled.
    DO NOT FALL for this one period. thumbs down for deception
  13. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Interesting that one would attempt to put this course down. Not sure what the pace of the modules has to do with the value of the info. Seeing how the very first video series from week one tells you how to immediately get started placing ads on phone, there's no substance to trying to say that because you didn't get the educational courses all in one day that it's not worth it.

    I've also seen around the net of people successfully using the course to make money with cell phone marketing. I'll be posting my results soon also.

    It's his course he can sell it how he likes, it's the value that matters at the end of the day, and the price for 2 months for the initial info isn't costly at all. Sure I'd liked to have all the courses at once myself but that's not a worthy enough complaint to suggest that others avoid getting this info. People will have different knowledge levels and experience in order to effective implement the information so he's working from a basic level, as do most of the valuable course out there. Focus on the least common denominator.
  14. onedumbaussie

    onedumbaussie New Member

    Just Finished week 6 Of the course.

    In short, good information delivered in a crap way. If you spent money week 1, week 2 told why you lost it. TOO LATE!

    By week 4 you realise that the info in the previous weeks was good but a bit misleading in places.

    YOU NEED TO GET TO WEEK 4 before starting to spend money on the advertising. After that you should be OK if you follow the plan.

    I notice in many places people getting frustrated it is because they are still sending people to landing pages to buy home business products. WRONG!

    Watch the videos and be patient, by week 4 you will be able to make some money. Week 2 absolute minimum, but don't be surprised to find out what you did was wrong in wek 3 and 4.

    Great information, Great videos, absolutley the worst course deliver ever!!! But if your patient worth the money.

    One Dumb Aussie

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  15. DCollier

    DCollier Member

    watch out with ad mob. put money in for the advertising. and if you stop or pause your ads and want a refund . there is none.
    so what do they do with my money? I haven't found a way to cancel the account or request a withdrawal of funds. the site offers nothing for this. Why?
  16. onedumbaussie

    onedumbaussie New Member

    Why do you want the money back?

    Why not use it on Advertising?
  17. bjlinks

    bjlinks New Member

    You learn Cellphone cash technique to sell affiliate products using Admob in the 1st week. I actually had to bail out after three weeks stuck in the 1st week module and Maverick support could not help me with it. I believe I got all I need from Cellphone Cash...
  18. Dgitalnomad

    Dgitalnomad New Member

    I think all the comments are accurate. Lots of hype for this product, but at the same time there probably is a window of opportunity for early adopters.

    I have to agree that the course is on the slow track, but I think part of that s because it is geared for newbies.

    Also, the first few examples are to promote Cell Phone Cash or Maverick Money Makers, and then about week 5 or 6 they tell you not to market make money products.

    The promotions promise you will make at least $279 a week out of the box. I have not seen that blueprint yet!
  19. earthworks

    earthworks New Member

    This course on Cell Phone Cash seems interesting enough. But I am hesitant as well from all the negative comments here.[​IMG]

    Still is there anyone here that has made a red cent form this program?

    Will check back soon.
  20. DCollier

    DCollier Member

    The sales technique of Cell Phone Cash is to prolong the course.
    any attempt to use advertising on Admob will and i repeat will result in the loss of funds. All generic methods in the first 7.5 weeks of the program will have these results. after that who knows. But putting in a min 50.00 to run ads will dwindle to 00. The only method is to get the IPhone users to call you back. and this is after running an Auto Ad or a Video. The other methods taught are erroneous.
    So in my opinion Mack Michaels ( who ever he is) makes money on selling the idea of making money.

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