Certified Media Placement Specialist (CMP) program

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    I just came across this one


    ...........sales. Does anyone like sales, I mean does anyone make this kind of money working just several hours a week as they mention and what exactly are you selling. I guess everything. As you will see Mark Hodges does the review and a review business. Searches for both came up very promising. Again not really clear to me and very long [​IMG] The link actually came in an email from Gurubusters. From what I understand that is e-currency or forex which is intriguing but unfortunately I don't have the income for that.
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    Yes, actually people are earning hundreds of dollars in just a couple of hours in "some" programs. It depends on the amount of exposure the product and opportunity get. I know some in-home agents taking live telephone calls from people watching television infomercials and simply placing the order into their computer earns them hundreds in a couple hours, and they aren't selling.....they're answering a phone and placing an order. Fortunately the products are consumable and get auto shipped each month creating residual income for the agent. Exposure is key in any opportunity. If you see something that excites you and it also helps people, investigate it and do what your gut says!

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