Cha-Ching, My 1st cheque

Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by footbag_man, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. footbag_man

    footbag_man New Member

    All I can say is BOOMSHAKALAKA

    Opened the mail today and I had a letter from New York City, Company name ... I was like who the f*** are linkshare... Linkshare are a clickbank / paydotcom alternative...

    Inside was a cheque for $240 ... Delighted... hopefully the 1st of many

    this was from a web site I created ages ago, so I was surprized to see a cheque comming in... it is very motivational. [​IMG]
  2. glauber santos

    glauber santos New Member

    Hi footbag_man...

    Congratulations on your first check...

    It seems like you weren't really taking care of the website, and you still made de $240...sounds good..hehe

    The $240 were made over a period of how many weeks?

    Any adsenses involved or just basically promoting??

  3. seeyalater72

    seeyalater72 New Member

    Congratulations...there is nothing like seeing the fruits of your labor materialize.
  4. Seth

    Seth New Member

    WoW that was really a surprise ..

    Congrats Man
  5. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    lol wow thats awesome!! [​IMG] congrats!!! [​IMG]
  6. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    YAY! isn't relieving the first cheque the best feeling in the world [​IMG]

  7. footbag_man

    footbag_man New Member

    glauber santos: The $240 were made over a period of how many weeks?

    Any adsenses involved or just basically promoting??

    weeks ... try months... but I havent been as dedicated to it as I should have been,

    no adsense, just affiliate marketing, i've worked all day long today now that I have the motivation to do it...

    the system works [​IMG]

    oh ya just for the record, i was a complete internet begineer in august when I started never mind affiliate marketing or any other stuff... I am living proof that it can be done, and to be honest it aint that hard and is kinda fun and exciting... Loads more work to do... gotta get to my $100 a day by September next year.

    Its my own little personal goal
  8. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I am doing a happy dance for you here in my little office in Montana!!!!!!![​IMG] [​IMG]

    Only those that have been in affiliate marketing can know what that feels like - it even made ME smile and feel giddy with happiness when I read your post and I don't know you from Adam...

    I love this stuff - mmm mmm
  9. glauber santos

    glauber santos New Member

    I just started studying affiliate marketing on sunday...but I'm also feeling motivated just by the many examples shown by those who participate in this forum...

    good luck with your goal...and hopefully I'll be able to say my own "BOOMSHAKALAKA" shortly... hehe
  10. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member


    Congratulations on your first affiliate check. Just imagine how much greater the amount would have been if you had been more dedicated. But now that your excitement is rekindled and you are motivated, you can work the system and shoot for a 4-figure check.

    All the best!

  11. footbag_man

    footbag_man New Member

    thanks for all the kind messages from you all and esp thanks to mountainmom5 for doing a happy dance for me... I know you are on the other side of the world to me (im in ireland) but I could really sense the happyness of that dance...

  12. KDMiller55

    KDMiller55 New Member

    Now you're just rubbing it in...[​IMG]
  13. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Congrats! So very happy for you! Keep up the good work... [​IMG]
  14. footbag_man

    footbag_man New Member

    KDMiller55: Now you're just rubbing it in...

    lol sorry, my bad
  15. Jeremy_Sandy

    Jeremy_Sandy New Member

    footbag_man: KDMiller55:
    Now you're just rubbing it in...

    lol sorry, my bad
    You're just excited. Live up man. This is only the beginning. Be sure to get a snowball effect and you will see those checks increase exponentially!!!

    Congrats and keep moving forward.
  16. 040107

    040107 Member

    Congratulations! Now work to grow that number.[​IMG]
  17. footbag_man

    footbag_man New Member

    040107: Congratulations! Now work to grow that number

  18. dbaoms

    dbaoms New Member

    Congrats man! I hope the checks keep on coming in! [​IMG]
  19. Phil Stones

    Phil Stones New Member

    Well done ! we're all happy for you - I was the same with my first clickbank cheque!
  20. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member


    Congrats and keep up the good work.

    ~Newbie Shield~

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