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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by PeterB, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. PeterB

    PeterB New Member

    Network Marketing, done in the right way, is neither a hobby nor a get-rich-scheme. It is rather a real opportunity for everybody to earn money from home.

    But how to find "The Best" Network Marketing Program?

    Don't decide on a company too fast but take your time and choose wisely. It doesn't make sense if you fall for "BEST Compensation Plan Ever", or "Greatest Marketing System Ever" or something like that. Go for substance, go for scientific proof behind the products, go for well written- and sold books (e.g. written by the founder of this company) and go for unique selling points.

    Many NM companies out there have the "Coolest & Best Product of All Time", but little to offer in terms of real value for future customers. You should rather choose a company that concentrates on a few high quality products, backed by strong scientific research, than one of the huge and slow moving companies. And remember to check the volume you have to buy monthly to stay in business: everything above 50 US$ is over-priced.

    Specializing will bring Success!

    Most of the big and well-known network marketing companies are selling just too many products at once, from kitchen bowl to shampoo to cleaner to motor-oil. Take a different path: choose the specialized ones, where you can really focus on a certain point of interest.

    Look for products developed and created by scientists, with researching results being famous throughout the world. Focus on a specific issue, product, or philosophy that really affects people, and search for auspicious niche products with high potential even for the years to come.

    A real Chance to Independence

    Network Marketing with the right company provides a real chance to step out of the regular, out of the dullness of usual jobs, and out of the constraint and confinement of every day's office work. Be your own boss and decide when and what to work, and with whom. If you are teachable and seriously willing to win in life you are only steps away from real independence!

    Regards, Peter
  2. jschuman

    jschuman New Member

    Good article Peter!

    I would say the best MLM to join is one that you can have a personal attachment to the product with. For that the product needs to be unique an offer some advantages you can not run down to Wal Mart and buy.

    With the internet everyone should be in at least one mlm for long term residual income. Just my observation.
  3. 4u2nv

    4u2nv New Member

    I took Peter's advice and found a company to start a business with for only $10 a month. I've been searching for the right MLM company for awhile. And just like Jeff said... everyone should be in at least one MLM for long term residual income. (One of the reasons why I was so interested in MLM's)

    However, I've joined a few in the past 2 months and didn't feel that any of them were right for me. I know... 2 months is not long enough to know if one company is the right one. Why did I give up so fast? Well because my upline didn't help me. I guess I was just one of the many people in their downline and didn't need me anyway.

    That's when I found 3in7. They were there to help me start my business and will continue to help me because they need me on their team. So I want to add to Peter's comment that when looking for a Network Marketing company, you should also look for one with a team that will help you with build your downline.
  4. TacKev

    TacKev New Member

    Great Article!

    Research is definately key in making the choice of which Network Marketing opportunity to pursue! The best decision is an informed decision!

    If I offered you a million dollars to jump out of a plane without a parachute, most would say no right away...then I'd tell you the plane is on the ground. [​IMG] So before saying no, ask where the plane is.
  5. changemylife

    changemylife New Member


    This is a solid article for an Internet newbie. We must not forget that ALL MLM and NLM comp plans are based on a commissionable dollar amount.

    What do I mean? In laymans terms; after you remove manufacturing cost and other business overhead expenses there is a raw dollar amount lieft. The contractor gets a specific percentage amount of the commisionable dollar at his or her contract level.

    Executive contractors generally have the highest percentage commissionable dollar contract... 75%, 85% and 95%.

    Here is the Rule of Thumb...

    If the autoship is extremely low, let's say $10.00 a month. Your commissionable dollar is going to be even lower or barely $2.00 per month for each person you add to your downline.

    Keep it straight....

    The cheaper the opportunity the lower the income earning potential.
  6. MakingMoneyFast

    MakingMoneyFast New Member

    I think that the $6 by 6 million MLM works great. Anyone have the same experience?
  7. changemylife

    changemylife New Member

    Hello MakingMoneyFast,

    I not familiar with this program, but here is what people are saying:

    These type of programs are very nebulus in nature. It has been my experience they will always fold after they get a couple of thousand people to join.

    You can generally tell the more reputable opportunities by how many YouTube videos are being created by its members.

    What I am saying, you will here the buzz. Either on YouTube, Vimeo, Yuwie and MySpace.
  8. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    Not only by how many Youtube videos but in general how many legitimate complaints are out there. If you read a complaint stating they we're turned into a Millionare over night then you can't really hold much to that.

    However if you see multiple complaints about poor customer sdrvice, unethical practices, unrefunded money, or obvious lies then you'll probably want to stay clear of it. Also, I hear alot about GROUNDFLOOR. If you MUST get in ground floor(and you have to pay) and that is their main sales point then odds are you are going to get burned. Something shouldn't need you to get in GROUNDFLOOR, or else once oyu are in and you finish getting everyone in ground floor what's left??? Horrible marketing tactic if you think about it...
  9. Pat Henderson

    Pat Henderson New Member

    I would agree with Peter's article. It covers many of the principles one would need to see before joining any company, regardless of type.

    It is also extremely important to find companies with marketing systems that are duplicatible for the 20 yr old as well as 60 yr old (companies with this seem to explode quickly in little time), a good "backoffice" internet marketing system with good team training in marketing with Google, YouTube, My Space, Ezines and Blogging, and Internet Ads, etc. instead of primarily cold calling with cheap, overhyped leads, a Product that has VALUE to it -and a price that hasnt been raised just to create more $$ to the Distributors.

    There is much more necessary for a company and its networkers to excell.. This is what I have learned in my own experiences.
  10. Cenay

    Cenay New Member

    I would like to add one more ingredient, if you can find it... a company that ALSO gives something back!

    For example, Nussentials, the company I choose for the stellar leadership (Phil Mims), amazing products (backed up by doctor's reviews, clinical trials and scientific research recognized the world over), mentors dedicated to my success and a willingness to explore and teach the new Web 2.0 techniques... ALSO donates 5% of all sales revenue to Children's Incorporated to help kids right here in the US.

    A lot of companies say they give, but Phil puts his money where his mouth is and donates to a program that actually gets 81.2% of all dollars donated into the hands of the people that need it. I help my family with the great products, help families less fortunate than mine, and earn a living working with people I respect.

    That was what I was looking for...
  11. Pat Henderson

    Pat Henderson New Member

    Good points. You need to know several key factors before diving into any mlm.

  12. SQ625

    SQ625 New Member

    Before you even think about joining any type of MLM program, find out if they are taking in new investors just to pay off old investors. If they are, this makes it a pyramid scheme and there could be legal problems.
  13. mikepressnell

    mikepressnell New Member

    A couple of other points are:

    1) Look for a company with a good report with the Better Business Bureau
    2) Look for a company whose products or services are in high demand...such as products or services that you purchase anyway.
    3) Look for a product in which the products are priced no more, or cheaper, than if you were to purchase them on the open market.

    Mike Pressnell
    Huntsville, Alabama, USA
  14. mikepressnell

    mikepressnell New Member

    Whoops, actually, that was three points.
  15. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Quoting: TacKevIf I offered you a million dollars to jump out of a plane without a parachute, most would say no right away...then I'd tell you the plane is on the ground. So before saying no, ask where the plane is.

    I like this quote![​IMG]

    You are so right, do your due diligence, regardless what business you get started with...So often when the 'get in' fee is only a few bucks, people jump on it, only to find out they have to pay for advertising, or have monthly auto-ship...or whatever...

    Common sense will tell you that to run ANY successful business, whether offline or online, will take investment of time,effort and money!So many get sucked into network marketing because of promises like...'get started for $99.00 and make six figures your first year'....

    We need to help our new associates understand that for most people - it takes anywhere from a year to three years to get your network marketing business off the ground and successful...For some it happens quicker than that , but if we are honest , it takes most people longer.Let them know that up front and they will stay with it long enough to make it!

    Happy networking!


  16. concetta

    concetta New Member

    Quoting: babykissLook for a company where you get full support and training from your team leaders. I think this is one of the key ingredients to a successful networking biz.

    I absolutely agree with this %100, especially if your are new to network marketing. An effective and duplicable system is essential to succeed in this business. When looking at prospective MLM's definitely take into consideration what training resources they make available for new reps.

    I think it also helps to choose a company with a unique yet highly recognizable product. The company I work with spends millions of dollars a year on TV advertising which results in an easier sale for me and also in referrals from the company itself. This being said the amount of support offered by your company and upline is crucial to your success.

    All the best everyone!

  17. therealshari

    therealshari New Member

    Wow! Most of you just described things the company I've chosen provides.

    When it comes to due diligence... a quick story.

    I have known the co-founder of the company I've chosen to join for years. I was in his downline in another company years ago. I quit that company for my own reasons... not because the company or upline were stinkers.

    I've since retired, but over the years have heard from this gentleman. He's usually been working to promote a young company of some sort. I'd check them out... and the reject them for various reasons.

    My point... just because I know the guy, and I trust the guy didn't mean I'd run off and throw money at whatever he was doing.

    This time when he contacted me, I checked out the opportunity.

    The products are solid and unique to network marketing. They are ubiquitous in the world... and that takes the "explaining the product" out of the equation.

    The need is real. Yes there are competitors, but that's just fine... It means we're not pioneers and won't get arrows in our backs.

    The company has attracted very successful business people to it's key corporate positions. Their resumes read like "who's who" in business.

    They have developed an easily understandable compensation plan. You don't have to recruit before you can get paid on product sales. In fact you never have to recruit for your downline in order to get paid on sales.

    The team leaders are well educated, and are tasked with training and supporting their associates. Most are doing this in very creative ways, including developing complete systems.

    The company continually works to improve communication to the field, something that is always an issue as companies evolve and mature.

    This company has yet to achieve momentum... but if you were to look at a typical growth curve, it would be right at that very first rise in the curve... about 6 months to a year shy of going into momentum.

    To give you an idea, they went from 1000 associates in Jan 2007 to 6000 associates in Dec 2007. Also, the dropout rate so far has been less than 3% and they offer a full 1-year money-back guarantee.



    I keep it simple. If I wouldn't purchase the product or service without the income opportunity, then I say forget it for most can't sell, so how could you ever hope for success without leverage.

    Good luck to all, Mike

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