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Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by zach, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. zach

    zach New Member

    when you go to the cb mplc under the available product listings you see the following:
    could someone describe all the above some i think i understand some but want to make sure.
    once again thx evry1 for your gracious and knowlwdgeable help it is greatly appreciated
  2. fatman

    fatman New Member

    I know basically what they mean, but could have some of the specifics wrong, so somebody more experienced can chime in too...but here goes my attempt:

    $/Sale- This is the amount of money YOU will make from each sale.

    future $- If the product has a recurring fee, you will earn more money each month, so this is how much money you have the potential to make over time.

    Total $- This is how much the product costs (how much the customer will have to pay).

    % Sale- This is the percentage of the total sale that you will make. I personally look at the $ and not the % when considering a product to advertise.

    % rfrd- This is the percentage of sales made due to affiliates. If this number is high, that means most of the sales come from affiliates and there will be more competition for you.

    Grav- I am still not sure exactly how this is measured, but it basically means the popularity of the product. High gravity means more traffic and more sales possible, but it also means more competition.

    Another aspect I like to consider is % refunded. This is how often customers want a refund for the product. If this number is high, you will be promoting a junky project and may lose money when they get refunds.

    I personally look for medium gravity, decent $sale, fairly low %referred, and a really low % refunded. Hope this helps.
  3. zach

    zach New Member

    thx fatman info helps considerablyas it gives me more direction in the search for products and my niches

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