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Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by duckbird, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. duckbird

    duckbird New Member

    Are you making money with ClickBank?
    The reason I'm asking is I've had my CB account for two months and have yet to make any type of profit.

    I'm promoting things such as
    Music and Video Download Services
    Paid Surveys
    Secret Shopper
    Government Search
    Money Making Systems
    Learn Spanish
  2. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    yes i make my money mainly through being an affiliate and clickbank is the main site i use
  3. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Quoting: duckbirdAre you making money with ClickBank?
    Yeah its my main source of income. Try only focusing on ONE product!
  4. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    I make a little with CB, but not much. I started out promoting products like you mentioned (maybe even the same ones[​IMG]), but I never made any sales.

    After I built my first website, I went back to see if they had anything suitable that fit with my site theme. There are a few digital products related to chocolate candy wrappers and recipes. I added them in the site content where appropriate and have made a few sales that way, but it is not my biggest earner. But, I take what I can get from a variety of sources. They add up when all combined. [​IMG]

    All the best.
  5. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    It depends on the nature of traffic to your website, if it complements the product, it will sell well
  6. duckbird

    duckbird New Member

    Quoting: makemoneyonlineTry only focusing on ONE product

    I was under the impression (which I see now was the wrong impression!) that you should promote a multitude of products. I see now that is not the case. So what I'm going to do is stop promoting any other clickbank products. After all I've got enough out there already.
  7. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    Thats a good idea duckbird. With the ones you have you can either keep all of them or filter it down to the best its up to you and how much work you want to take on, but what you must do is focus on these and really promote them and add to their content regularly.
  8. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Duckbird, go to either clickbank or and do some research on some products. Sort them by popularity so you can see which ones are the highest demand. Then go to google and type in the product name and see how many competing websites there are. If it is under 1 million, then I would create a website around that one product.
  9. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member


    You might also find some affiliate programs involving things you have actually used. That's one thing I am planning on doing next month. Then I can speak with authority and instill trust. I only feel good about promoting things I know about and like.

    You shouldn't promote more than three items at once to start. Starting with one is even better. Be sure to include relevant articles and put it on a site that is entirely relevant as well.

    Newbie Shield
  10. 040107

    040107 Member


    It doesn't matter how many products you promote but rather
    promote only profitable products and stop promoting ones that
    sucking you dry of your profits.

    On the same note, I'm pretty sure there will be people making crazy
    profits while others, promoting the same thing, is pulling their hair
    out trying to figure out why they're not making any money when
    they're promoting products that are very popular or in demand.

    So some relevant questions to ask yourself is...[​IMG]

    "How are others making a profit promoting this product?"
    "How are they getting their offers in front of others?"
    "What marketing strategies are they're using?"
    "Can I compete with them?"
    "What can I copy from them?"
    "What do I need to change to compete"?

    You need to have that competitive edge over your competitors. Be
    prepared to spend more time/money than them.

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