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  1. deesunshine

    deesunshine New Member

    Hello all. I have completed my training for this project and I am supposed to start on this on Friday the 13th. I just did my training yesterday but there were quite a few computer glitches that Cloud 10 still had to work out. I was wondering if anyone has heard from them? I have heard nothing since training. Since training is starting soon, I would hope to hear something to ensure this is still going on and the kinks have been worked out.
    Any info is great.
  2. mlpeters50591

    mlpeters50591 New Member

    I completed my training on Monday and still have not heard anything from them either. The group and I had the same issues during Monday's training. I keep checking my email and their web site for any status updates, and as you, still have none. I thought we were suppose to have another training session in which we they worked with us on actual calls, but like you said, Friday is almost here and nothing yet. I wouldn't think they would just throw us on the phones without teaching us how to use their system and stuff. What did you get for a headset? I just got mine yesterday at WalMart, a Logitech 350. The electronics specialist told me it was the top of the line for what I needed. He also filled me in about the headaches that the digital switch could cause and said we may be getting calls from some really upset people. I'm glad he told me this so I am ready, whenever we start. I'll let you know if I hear anything.[​IMG]
  3. deesunshine

    deesunshine New Member

    I guess we all got updated on everything. Still just waiting for the final email on breaks. I am still not clear if we are supposed to be doing a final test call.
    The headset I got was from Radio Shack the Logitech Clearchat for 39.00
    Seems like a good brand. From the research I did online, I like the Logitech brand much better than the plantronics.
    This should be interesting when we finally do start.
  4. skittlesgalore

    skittlesgalore New Member

    Hi does anyone know what is going on. We finished Phase I but have yet to complete Phase II. I had a phase II class this week and the class ended without the final test call. Its the 13th and I completely understand if they are just trying to wait it out but they should at least let us know what is going on. This is not my only job, but what about the people who are depending on them to pay their bills. What do you guys think?
  5. teriberi

    teriberi New Member

    Hey there did you get working on that Cloud 10 DTV thing? I did, trained and got the headset, got everything operational worked 3 days taking a total of about 5 calls and they sent me an email saying I was done. Gov had delayed the program change until June. There were too many people working and too many tech issues.
  6. raspberrygirl

    raspberrygirl New Member

    I'm with the DTV thing too and it is ridiculously messed up. I read, in one of the training rooms, that people have been in the training rooms for six hours, even twelve hours, waiting for help. They wanted us to uninstall eyebeam and reinstall a different version. Well, we all uninstalled and then the link to reinstall wouldn't work, then the link disappeared! It's insane!!! I was supposed to start this morning at 6:00 am. I went into the training room and there were 114 people bitching. And then the moderator threatened us all with being kicked out of the room if we didn't wait like idiots waiting to be called upon. I stared at the chats with my "hand" up for 2 1/2 hours until I gave up. I'm fed up and I don't know if I will check in tomorrow morning or any morning!!!
  7. deesunshine

    deesunshine New Member

    I am with you Rasberry girl.
    Same experience.
    Horrible place.
    I got the same treatment with the eyebeam problem, then they turned off my password AFTER I was in the middle of a shift and was taking calls just fine.
    I am just glad I didn't work for them for a few weeks to find out that they woudn't pay me after all!
  8. FieryMomOf2

    FieryMomOf2 New Member

    I only found out today that I was supposed to have the "new" updated version of Eyebeam. They wouldn't give me the new link because of "EULA" issues (WHAT???) and told me basically it was game over for me. I'm sick that I wasted my time with this company and doubt I'll ever come back to work for them again. It has been nothing but trouble from the start. I never received an email with my supervisor's name or any updated information. Horribly disorganized, and now I've found out they let a lot of agents go mid-call! I was counting on that money too, and here they go and inactivate ALL my passwords. Emails and phone calls go completely unanswered. I'm considering filing a complaint with the BBB over shoddy practices.
  9. raspberrygirl

    raspberrygirl New Member

    I hear you, deesunshine! But it does sound like you were one of the few who actually got some work. Are you going to continue to work or have you been fired???
    Well, I debated getting up at 5:00 am again this morning but finally decided not to. I am just not up to sitting in "class" with my hand up for hours, like a moron. I don't know how they are with other projects, like Pro-Flowers, but when I think of all the time and angst I expended on this project for which I was paid NOTHING, I feel like a fool.
    Anyone want to buy a headset?? [​IMG]
  10. btrltthnnver

    btrltthnnver New Member

    My farewell song! I got a week of work in! Got this today!

    Dear DTV At-Home Contractors:

    As you are aware from all the national press, the DTV conversion date was delayed until June after a last minute second vote in Congress. Many broadcasters have elected to convert earlier, but those timelines are in constant change as a result of an approval process required by the FCC. Through all the uncertainty created by the both of these processes, Cloud 10 has been working closely with our client to confirm our mission and move forward with our project.

    As you have also certainly seen, the DTV project has been receiving very low call volume since our launch on Monday. In addition, some of you have been experiencing local technical issues that have impacted your ability to connect to our systems with the voice and data quality our client's customers expect. In response to those issues and to ensure we are in compliance with the requirements of our client, we are currently implementing the following actions:

    ?· We are now disabling access for agents that have been experiencing persistent voice quality issues, call handling concerns or other local technical problems. Our technical support group has been able to resolve many agent issues, but local conditions specific to your situation may have created an issue that was unfortunately not repairable. Access may also be disabled for agents working schedules that are overstaffed due to call volume.

    ?· If you are receiving this note you are in one of these groups - you will now not be able to log in to Touchstar and your participation on the project is complete.

    ?· If your access has been disabled, you will receive a popup message in the Touchstar application of "Login Name not found. Reenter and try again".

    ?· As a company, we want to thank you for your participation and patience - you will be mailed payment on February 27 for the time you were appropriately logged in to the Touchstar application (as described in your offer letter).

    ?· We will no longer be offering technical support, Breeze rooms and chat for you if your login has been deactivated. Please do not attempt to continue to resolve these issues. In addition, please refrain from contacting vendors directly with support questions.

    Thank you again for your participation and good luck in your future endeavors.


    Cloud 10 Corporation
  11. btrltthnnver

    btrltthnnver New Member

    I simply removed the software, it all speaks for itself, I got test call after test call, I think they were looking for reasons to get rid of people, I mean, I went through the required PC testing. The basic reasoning for letting contractors go, (in my email) was "local conditions" and such. Well, I got my heavy headset for only 20 bucks! They were very disorganized! I you really file a complaint with BBB, pass the word. I may just to beef up the numbers!
  12. rufuspaigel

    rufuspaigel New Member

    Just got my email that the DTV project has been terminated. Does anybody know how fast Cloud 10 can get you back to work. I have the headset and DSL like most of the employees. Some took a risk to get all these things just to work. I hope they take all this into consideration to get people back to work.
  13. boxerlady

    boxerlady New Member

    I also was on the DTV project. When I went to look at the daily board for info I was so let down with what I read. I was booted out of the help desk twice. They were quite rude about the whole thing if you ask me. They were the ones who messed up by hiring to many people and then making people spend money and time on a project that fell through. Times are hard enough right now and I think being there mistake they should be reimbursing atleast everyones headsets. It was their mistake.....[​IMG]
  14. AgentMom

    AgentMom New Member

    Same thing here. Full h*ll week at this project plus all the time and effort and in training plus expenses. I have never seen or been involved in such unorganization. Unbelievable. I at least was able to stay logged on and work for 4 days. The email stated the Client cancelled project. I BET they did! I called the # and there are still agents answering the phone with same greeting apparently working for other companies in a brick and mortar.

    Talk about a different Live Call Center Experience!!!
  15. Jeninkc

    Jeninkc New Member

    I applied to Cloud 10 per a friend who heard about it through her state job. So, I figured I'd check it out. I went through the PCPitstop testing, received emails and did the interview process, it all seemed to go well. One thing that didn't set well with me was the email contact. It was slow, and sometimes your question wouldn't be answered.

    I too went through the 7 hour training, it went well, I bought the headset, downloaded and configured the software. And yes, the help desk could make you feel as though you didn't know what you were talking about (Touchstar download, anyone?), finally they solved that mess, at least for me. I was ready to go and then we were told the project would start on the 16th instead of the 13th. Well, that meant I wouldn't start until the 18th. Okay, did that and all went well there too. Test calls we were graded on in some cases, at least I was. I was told I scored 92, 95 and then a lot of audio test calls. Sheesh!

    I think out of all those calls I received 3 live calls for help. I also kept busy in the chat room helping other agents that were as green as me. It was an enjoyable couple of days. When not doing that, I read the knowledge pages to stay on top of things.

    I did have to wonder when it was posted in the chat room Cloud 10 was cutting people, some did get emails, but the post seemed to be the way to go. They also disabled numbers and passwords to let that person know they weren't working anymore. Not a good way to handle things.

    Cloud 10 was okay, but the disorganization was amazing. But hey, I did re-apply as they suggested, and we'll see. I need to make some money since my full time job went away, and I've started my own business, and the Cloud 10 job seemed a good fit.

    I was blown away by the information posted on the check in website, just like that, no job. While I've read many good things about Cloud 10, the handling of the DTV project was badly done, indeed.

    Would I work for them again? Sure, but not on a temp basis like this last time. Cloud 10 didn't make us promises, but they really could have shown us the same professional courtesy they expected of us.

    Good luck to all who were a part of the DTV project.
  16. tigerlady

    tigerlady New Member

    WOW...i really feel for you glad i got out when i just didnt feel right..i have heard great things about cloud10 though and am hoping for another project offer..right now im doing Shopnbc which is going well..i wish all of you good luck!
  17. weareallsorry

    weareallsorry New Member

    To all of you Agents who worked on the Cloud10 DTV Project.....I totally understand your disallusionment. I was on the side trying to help you get connected. It was chaos. Here is a perspective from what I understand to be the facts. In Mid/Late December, cable companies were told they had to put a help desk in place to handle calls regarding the digital conversion. This was going to happen on 2/17/09. Cable companies regular help desks were not staffed to handle the amount of calls expected. So they reached out to other companies to handle these calls. CLoud10 being one of those companies began to staff up to meet this challenge. Most of ou came on board 1/21/2009. We never got to try the software Touchstar as it wasn't ready until early morning on 1/16/09. It never did work properly as most of you know. I believe about 7-900 actually got their systems up, the software working and were able to work right away. The remaining we worked with trying to get you up and running. As you saw, our breezerooms were out of control. So many needed help. In our defences, I have to say it was very frustrating to ash who owas using routers and wireless, and have over half the breezeroom say yes, they were. A lot of time was wasted working with individuals who were not going to be successful as they had not followed the basic instructions form the beginning. Many would ask what is a router? How can I tell if I am wireless? For those who did have the proper setup, we are all very sorry we couldn't get you up and running. Believe me, we all felt bad when we had to disable your passwords. When we called and you answered, you were so glad to get a real voice, however that meant that the connections still weren't right. At that point we had to disable any who were not set up correctly. The numbers of dropped calls or incomplete calls were too great. The quality of the project was in jeopardy. In retrospective, I think we should have only kept those who were good to go on 2/13/09. Then all calls would have been successful. With Obama pushing this all to 6/12/09, I think it screwed us all. Cable companies can handle those volumes. That is who is answering the phones now. The cable companies own help desks. A lot of money was spent to only have it changed at the last minute. Again, your pain was felt by all of us. And the people at Cloud10 are good people. They were caught in the last minute changes as well as the fact Touchstar never came through with a product that worked or the support to handle issues when they did come up. I am a temp contractor just like you. My job ended Wednesday, one I thought would be until at least March 13th. My hope is that Cloud10 does the right thing now, at least to their ability to do so. We saw each and every one of you work so hard trying to make some money. It is a terrible time for so many people, times I know I have never seen before in my lifetime. You each have the desire and the stamina to survive, I saw it every day from you. Be strong, have faith and be creative. Don't let this break your spirit. And if there is another opportunity with Cloud10, consider it, they have many very happy clients and agents. God bless you all........
  18. morrislin

    morrislin New Member

    Hello Cloud 10 X-employees I am to and an x-employee of Cloud.I too thought I would at least be able to do the scheduled 2 weeks with cloud 10 but that did not I say the letter on cloud docs yesterday just checking on things while I was off the project til Monday. I was sad cause I needed the Money I made it through the first round of let go's but now I am just going to focus on the positive[​IMG]One door closed and now another one will open. Right now I work part-time for Westathome and I like them. I also have went through my second interview with an answering service company that seems to be a quality company called which seems like a great company you can move up within the company the are looking for longterm employees and you work more than 40 hours a week easy and can often work more.There are also some other at home answering services available online and I found this new at home goverment jobs opportunity I am checking into they pay $18 to $21 an hour at the very least 30 hours a week.I also have own my own business and incorporate through ARISE which I like haven't found the company I want to contract them through just yet[​IMG]Well talk to everyone later wish all of you well and will check back with everyone nice to see past employees from cloud 10[​IMG]
  19. Jeninkc

    Jeninkc New Member

    I'm sorry about those that didn't catch on fast enough, and the technical part had to be maddening to the folks working the chat room, I do feel their pain.

    What I found interesting, as well as irritating, was the failure to plan on the part of some of the employees. Hey, I'm not perfect, but 2 days into the project and a few people still hadn't configured their programs. Wow! I must have triple checked everything I downloaded and then having to deal with new downloads after I had already done what was expected? Oh well, I do feel the tech's pain. I didn't bother to ask questions after the first round of waiting, I saw we were all having the same issues and wrote down what I saw in the chat and went from there.

    All in all Cloud 10 was an experience. And who knows what's next?

    Good luck to everyone that worked the DTV project and you may be doing it again in June. [​IMG]
  20. LiliRose

    LiliRose New Member

    Well I worked for them this whole week and I never, neveeerrr saw a "company"
    That is so desorganised like they are. If I was a company that needed a call center I will definetely never use them.
    They had technical issues from day one, we should have been trained and informed way before the actual start day.

    They had no respect for us in the helpdesk we were threated like some low class worker comin from a third world country.

    The info were changing every 2 min, one day we were told that we were going to get paid even with the technical Touchstar issues not being able to login and next day we weren't going to get paid cause we were not in Touchstar.
    They fired people badly a lady was talkin with me on the chat and she receiving calls fine and had many test calls and everything was fine and sudenly her system had issues and like 2 min later she received an email saying that they couldn't help her and that she was terminated. It felt just like they did that on purpose.
    Everybody was in a total stress that they could be fired anytime.
    Next day in the end of my weekly shift I received an email saying that :

    In great disappointment, we have received instructions from our client to terminate our project, effective 12:01am EST, Friday February 20. As a result we are forced to terminate your independent contractor arrangement with Cloud 10.

    There's no word to explain how desapointed I am.
    Me personnaly I do not depend on him to pay my bills, that was just an extra but I'm thinkin about people who really had a hope to make some money to pay their bills and have a job.

    This is sad

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