1. georgiagin

    georgiagin New Member

    So, I've done my search and see no info on this company. Can anyone tell me some info about them? Reliability, work environment, how busy they are, types of calls you recv thru them etc.

    gina in ga

  2. rufuspaigel

    rufuspaigel New Member

    Cloud 10 has put a bad taste in my mouth. I worked the DTV project until it suddenly ended for all. I had invested money in hard wire internet connection and added more space to my computer. All this cost me about $200 bucks I didnt have to spend. Now Cloud 10 has put me on hold and if they dont have a job for me in 6 months I need to reapply. My thing is if the applicants computer is not up to speed let them know if they have the job before they spend money they dont have to waste. The economy is to bad to waste money and not get the job. I could have spent that money on something else like a bill.
  3. pilgrim

    pilgrim New Member

    are you still on hold???
  4. peaches345

    peaches345 New Member

    Hey everyone just got hired with cloud 10...I have a interview on the cable project anyone working on that? How is the interview?

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