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Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by cashwealth, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. cashwealth

    cashwealth Guest

    Hi everybody,

    Just wondering how is your business did last mont, in regards to sign up's originated from usa or international??

    I can tell my business is thriving on international orders. Maybe tax time for usa, but 85% come from overseas. I was very pleased.
    Another funny thing, foreigners understand my website name 'meanings' --- makeyourdough" on plain english "make your money". Especially aussies.

    I'm glad that Coastal is truly an International business.

  2. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    Hey CW - That's great!!

    What methods are you using to market to the international set that have been successful for you?

  3. CoastalToday

    CoastalToday New Member

    The Call Center that I am with actively advertises to International markets, which I think is great. They have people to close the sales who speak Spanish, French, German and even Russian...

    It is my understanding, for those of you interested in pursuing the possibilities for International members, that they are a great group as a whole when they opt in to lead pages.

    Apparently, calls in Europe, etc. are expensive enough that people tend to answer their phones more often - so you'll be able to talk with a higher percentage than is the case in the US and Canada.
  4. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    Hmmmmm Noreen looks like you walked into that one.....[​IMG]......

    International or not our call center is great.........WE Close Your Sales...[​IMG]

    BTW when I was in London last year the currency ex was $1.80 now it is $2.00 for the first time!!
    Yes Europeans can get a very good deal for their money here in our Country.

    Time to advertise in England.

    Tonya where are you getting the international leads from and how do you advertise in a foreign language???

  5. CoastalToday

    CoastalToday New Member

    If you click on my link, you'll see that there are translations for each language on the page there.

    Also, one of the Call Center's advertising Co-Ops promotes to the International market, which we can elect to utilize as members.
  6. cashwealth

    cashwealth Guest


    Good old internet marketing. Seo, articles etc. Cheap...Don't want to pay for the CC.
    Don't be afraid, 90% of those foreigners speak/wrigth english... Kind of second lang for them. US sign up is slow, whoever said money is in Europe.

  7. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    The ORGINAL call center has members all over the world, too. What concerns me is how you would supply support to a member of yours that doesn't speak your language. That's why I advertise in Canada and USA only. Would I take a member from a nation that doesn't speak english? Only if I felt I could give them the support they deserve. They say "immitation is the best form of flattery"( I think that's how it goes) so the WE Close Your Sales call center should be VERY FLATTERED. [​IMG] CoastalToday, could you give us the details of how your call center works? Does your sales team work out of a general office or do they work from their homes?
  8. CoastalToday

    CoastalToday New Member

    Personally, I also market only in the USA and Canada for that reason as well. But, as Cashwealth stated above, many people from Europe do actually speak English.

    However, there are members of our center who are from other countries or fluent in different languages - as with WCYS, I assume?

    These members have the ability to use our services with Closers who are proficient in other languages, some who reside in the countries to which we advertise in our Co-op. This is one of the reasons that we don't have a sales center - Closers work from their homes and are allocated leads as appropriate for the flexibility to communicate at the best time. After all, one of the main goals in Coastal is to "work from home", why should be deny that same benefit to those who work in a support function?

    Yes, the original call center was a great idea. Be flattered, indeed - your center created a revolution in the home business industry. But good ideas can be both replicated and improved upon. Our center, for example, makes outbound calls as well as answering those who call in.

    Harold, by stating your "concerns" you implied that I would not provide support to my team. This is not the case and I did not deserve that assumption.

    I believe this forum is a place to work together to build Coastal's reputation as a whole, not cast doubts about other groups. As Jeff Mills said (who, btw, advertises outside his own language. I've read his tutorials on how to translate articles for non-English speaking markets): there is room for EVERYONE in Coastal.
  9. roger

    roger New Member

    Quoting: CoastalTodayOur center, for example, makes outbound calls as well as answering those who call in.

    Hi Coastaltoday (do you have a name?),
    For the record WCYS also does outbound calls and I agree with your last statement about this forum being here to help build Coastal's reputation.

    Out of curiousity, what if the sales rep from your system decides to take a day off, is the lead sent to another rep? The reason I ask is if they work from home and enjoy the same benefits as us, then what's stopping them from taking the last four days off as I've done? If my sales rep did that I'd be p**sed.


  10. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    Coastal Today,
    The reason I am concerned is because I have had people call me who have joined ProClosers and gotten absolutely no support and they live in the USA. I am not saying they joined under you and I'm also not saying that there are no bad directors that don't give support in WCYS. I'm sure there are but when people who are supposed to making calls for you or receive calls for you and they work from home then they pretty much can do what they want to. I'm sure there are people who do a GREAT job making calls for you but I would be scared to trust a person who has to deal with everything that can go on at a home like mine. I have 3 kids and it gets very crazy around here sometimes. If my job is to make calls for you and a few others and my kids get sick or my phone gets cut off what position does that put the new member? I do agree there are plenty of people for all of us but you emplied in your earlier post that we close your sales didn't make outbound calls and that is not true. No, we don't give our account exeutives a list of leads to call for us but if we do have a lead that we consider 'hot" we can give that info to them and they will call them for us. And, our guys work full time for the call center at the call center office so they are focused on our success.
  11. CoastalToday

    CoastalToday New Member

    Hi Harold and Roger,

    Yes, I do have a name, it's Tonya [​IMG]

    Ok, to answer your questions:

    There is a back office where leads are entered by members. Leads can be obtained from various sources, just as with any group.

    A team of Closers is assigned to work the leads that are entered, and there is manager in charge who monitors the progress of the calls.

    If a Closer is sick or has household issues that mean they can't work, they contact a manager so that there is no lapse in service. I agree with you, Roger, I'd be p*ssed as well! [​IMG]

    As to the home distractions, well, that could be a valid point, except that these are professionals with a sharp sales instinct that know how to manage their environment for maximum success. (Of course, I'm sitting here with my dog chewing on my feet as I type this, LOL! )

    The Closers go through extensive training and must pass the scrutiny of management testing before they are allowed to begin work, so any indication that a Closer doesn't know appropriate calling etiquette will eliminate them from the get-go.

    One thing about Call Centers in general - the people who sell must really match their calling to a time when the person interested in Coastal is willing to talk. The Closers have a process for this, with initial appointment setting and follow up calls. I'm sure that WCYS does as well. When you factor this with the concerns mentioned above, it becomes evident that there is some latitude for planning. I do this myself, as do all of us here. I mean, if you know that you are going to present Coastal to a prospect (I hate that word, btw - it sounds so "sales-ey", are you going to arrange to speak with them during your most hectic time? Or when you know the kids are at school or in bed and you aren't going to miss your favorite TV show?

    Harold, who are the ProClosers? I've never heard my group referenced by that name? And I'm sorry for the error about WCYS and outbound calls - I didn't realize that they performed that service. I stand corrected!

    Support is a huge deal - people need to be able to get answers to questions, pats on the back or just a shoulder to lean on sometimes. There are calls, recorded calls and plenty of training available with the Closers, though a member is not mandated to create a team unless they want to do so - that is what the Closing Center is for, to provide that service and training.

    In my case, I do have support in addition to what the Closers provide. I believe that I have something extra to offer for those who would like to sell Coastal retail, or who just want to have an additional avenue for learning...

    Ok, one of the disadvantages of working from home is the tendency to develop flab from sitting in a chair marketing online and posting to forums all day. I'm off to exercise and go to bed.

    Have a great night (morning? day?) everyone!
  12. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    I apologize for confusing your company with proclosers. Proclosers is another copycat call center, so to speak, that would let you join for $49.95 and then you pass up some rediculous amount of sales and they would pay you a small commission and after you made 10 sales or something like that you would finally get your travel package. All they were or are doing is basically taking your $50 and getting you to advertise for them and they are expecting you not to meet the crazy pass up limit so they get any sales you make and then you get frustrated and quit. What they are doing is attracting people who shouldn't be getting into Coastal in the first place. I am a firm believer that Coastal is NOT for everyone that just wants to work from home. You have to be willing to stick it out through the hard times, should you have them, and most of us will at one time or another. If you can't do that then you are better off getting into some MLM for $30 a month and seeing if you can make it at that. Coastal is a big investment and all of the people who make it so easy for people to join even if they don't have the money are really hurting a person in need instead of helping them. Anyway, I'm sorry I confused you with them. I'm glad your group is working for you. Are you one of the actual closers and are all of the closers members of Coastal Vacations?
  13. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    Quoting: cashwealthDon't be afraid, 90% of those foreigners speak/wrigth english

    I know. I lived overseas for 9 years and loved every minute of it. That is one of the reasons I was attracted to Coatal because I love to travel. I met a ton a wonderful people and you are right, most speak at least some English. I am glad you have had success. I guess my roadblock here is the package itself. Level 1 is US only so I think it would be harder to market internationally. Also, let's face it, even the other levels are US centric. Although international travel is included, many of the other amazing discounts are North American based.

    Granted, a lifetime membership to vacation in North America would be pretty attractive to any smart traveller, so I have to get over my roadblock!! Wouldn't it be great if they came up with a package geared to the overseas clientele?

  14. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    Quoting: CoastalTodayIf you click on my link, you'll see that there are translations for each language on the page there.

    Also, one of the Call Center's advertising Co-Ops promotes to the International market, which we can elect to utilize as members.

    Thanks Tonya,

    very interesting........[​IMG]

    Like I said before, the european currency exchange is in their favor now so
    $1295 cost is $695 in England...
  15. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    Quoting: CoastalTodayThe Call Center that I am with actively advertises to International markets, which I think is great. They have people to close the sales who speak Spanish, French, German and even Russian...

    I was just listening to the 5minute sizzle call in French..[​IMG]

  16. CoastalToday

    CoastalToday New Member

    Hi Harold,

    Interesting, I've never heard of that group. Yikes! And I thoroughly agree with you about "sticking it out". No matter what business a person chooses to join, there is a learning curve. It is unreasonable to expect miracles with no effort, LOL! Though the Call Center concept comes pretty close...

    No, I'm not a Closer myself. And while some of the Closers are with Coastal, our system is closed and guarantees that the member always has control of his or her prospects. For example, our lead capture pages generate the response to the members email, and only after the member enters the lead into the back office do the Closers have access to the information.
  17. SHATAY143

    SHATAY143 New Member

    Anyone ever make there own pamphlets or brochures? If so what did they contain? I know the official coastal website sells them for almost a dollar a piece, but that seems very expensive. Any suggestions on good printing companies?
  18. SHATAY143

    SHATAY143 New Member

    So with Coastal your not allowed to sell the individual trips/cruises but you can donate them for a raffle right... but can you raffle them yourself and donate a percent of the $ to a cause or organization?.
  19. bgreenberg76

    bgreenberg76 New Member

    Can someone please explain to me exactly the costs associated with call centers and how that works? I've heard some horror stories in the past, that many of them are not run legitimately and I would just like more information..
  20. CoastalToday

    CoastalToday New Member

    Hi Brian,

    If you would like to PM me about both this post and the one requesting information on selling B2B, then I have some information to share with you - no, I'm not going to try to "sell" you - I just don't have the time at the moment to write a lengthy post.

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