Coastal Directors beware of this scam...

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by griffiths, May 15, 2007.

  1. griffiths

    griffiths New Member

    I recieved a cashier's check yesterday for a L1 package but the check was for $3,000.00 I was told to deduct my price from the check and then wire the rest via western union to a "michael clinton" of Fairplay shipping co. ltd. ( based in the uk). He was very persistant about me "hurrying" to send the remaining money. I assumed that It was a scam but went to my credit union to veryify if the funds were legit. sure enough It was a bogeous check. If I were to have gone through with the transaction before checking if the funds were legit, I would have lost a few thousand dollars to this scam! What I learned from this...

    1. never accept more than is negotiated for the package price
    2. always verify that the funds are legit before sending the package. (just having the check is not good enough)
    3. never agree to pay an overage via western union

    bottom line, dont do anything until you have hard cold cash in your hands, or funds cleared into your checking account!

    If you think someone is trying to scam you, they probably are!! (I felt unsure about the deal from the first, and I was right!)

    Dont to business with anyone wanting to buy a package with the name/email address of:
    gbodo kolo (
    or with Michale clinton of fairplay shipping co. ltd.

    Good luck and success!!

    Brandon Griffiths
  2. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Bet he changes his name and email address often once someone gets wise to him.


  3. CoastalToday

    CoastalToday New Member

    Ah, the old Nigerian scam once again!

    You know, if people like that would ever use their cleverness to actually HELP people, the world would be a much better place.

    Live and learn...

    Thanks for the warning!

  4. susaneng

    susaneng New Member


    It is a good thing you made sure the check was legitimate. I just saw an episode on Oprah where a person got scammed by the Nigerian scam people. She even checked with her bank to see if the check was legitimate which the bank said it was, but the funds never cleared and so she was stuck with paying back the money. You are so right about warning everyone to wait until the check clears before they send out the package.
    Thank you for the heads up!
  5. matiasmommy

    matiasmommy New Member

    Oh Dear Brandon...

    I'm so sorry to hear you had that learning experience.. thank goodness it wound up alright!

    Thanks for making others aware.. I personally was trained and teach my team to NEVER ship until funds are CLEARED through to their account. Its worth the few days.. people still get their packages in under 10 days.

    Better safe then really sorry.. I would think something like that- you might want to consider alerting the police? Those nasty guys ought to be hunted down.


    Jani Teeter
    L3 Director, CSG
  6. Viajero Latino

    Viajero Latino New Member

    Wow these Nigerian scamers just dont quit!
  7. griffiths

    griffiths New Member

    I have thought about notifying the police but is there much that they can / are willing to do? I would love to get these scum bags off the streets and help prevent someone from getting hurt, but how much effort do the athorities really put into these kind of things? This guy is offshores, so I would imagine that it would be pretty hard to track him down! I might just print out all of our email conversations and drop that off with the fake check and mailing envelope to the police and see what they could do [​IMG]
  8. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member

    great piece of info.

    If you are accepting personal checks, make sure they clear before you mail the packages. (Better still cash them at the issuing bank).

    I have had only one check bounce in almost 6 yrs, but It can happen.

  9. goldmills

    goldmills New Member

    get the FBI involved they can do some forensics and tests, tracking, etc.... they know how to capture these scammers.

    I just added this post to my blog to warn people too.
  10. Viajero Latino

    Viajero Latino New Member

    When it comes to international scammers theres not much the FBI can do
  11. goldmills

    goldmills New Member

    But when their stuff enters into the USA then it's their jurisdiction.
  12. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member

    I think it depends on the total $ amount scammed

    it has to be of a certain amount, otherwise I think it is not worth their time.

    I had an issue with an off shore scam and nothing was ever done

  13. Viajero Latino

    Viajero Latino New Member

    Fortunatly for our nation and unfortunatly for the people who got scammed FBI main focus is on Homeland security.

    I know its kinda messed up but they actually admit this in an NBC special that was about the 417 scams (Nigerian).

    Thats why I always do at least 1 week of research of anything I do online before I give out my info.

    Be Carefull Folks they out there to get your money! Not just the Nigerian scammers
  14. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member

    I agree

    the Nigerian scam has moved to German millionaires wanting to give me money, to my inheriting huge amounts from my Italian relatives I never knew I had to winning the British Lotto.

    It is easy to fall for any of the Nigerian versions, if it is your first exposure.

  15. PT Dude

    PT Dude New Member

    LOL same here Maria and i always thought i had no rich
  16. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member

    My PT friend

    well there you go, they all found you on the internet!

  17. matiasmommy

    matiasmommy New Member

    I'm glad I'm not the only one with uber rich relations that passed on leaving money in the bank with no name on it!

    Do these guys really think North Americans are THAT stupid?

    Then again, I suppose some people let greed get the better of them!

    Just stay alert- any thing that sounds too good to be true- ususally is! Treat it like Coastal.. if you CAN'T find the hole in the boat- look harder and then commit based on your gut when you know its really 2 thumbs up!


    Jani Teeter
    L3 Director, CSG
  18. griffiths

    griffiths New Member

    I just read an article in the june edition of readers digest that hits the nail right on the head! It is about how the nigerian scammers are out in full force right now! Just be careful!
  19. OnlineMoney24 7

    OnlineMoney24 7 New Member

    Yeah I have experience with the Nigerian scammers as well. But I knew about the scam so when it was brought to my attention I was able to brush it off. I also got a letter in the mail about six months ago from Spain, stating that I had some large six figure amount waiting to be deposited into my account. I called the number on the letter and all they kept pushing for was my banking information without really explaining why I was getting the money. The one thing I couldn't figure out was how they got my mailing address.

    So everyone beware, these people will try to get any money they can out of you.
  20. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Yep! Alot of Coastal Directors have been taken for this scam.

    Jay NaPier
    Level 3 Director/ Master Trainer
    Coastal Vacations

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