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  1. cgardner1

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    Just FYI Yes - it is a Good thing - the news about Funtime and Coastal Vacations.
    I've been with Funtime for at least a year and with Coastal for 2 years

    Funtime has provided me with excellent service and it has enhanced my Coastal Vacations Buisness. I have sold many a
    Premier package - thanks to Funtime.

    I do Coastal Vacations Only - and do
    not participate in other things that distract me from my main focus which is the awesome Coastal Vacations Business Model.

    This is a good addition and Complement to that. The Funtime Certificates - I have used very successfully - I like them the best of any to promote for business owners or to give away - because I can count on them and because they have a great website that
    people can go to for details and also a phone number they can call.

    People can be very skeptical these days and so having certificates I can count on is Very important to me
    I hope this info helps!
  2. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member


    How much do you pay a month for the luxury of being able to buy certificates? That must be a different level of membership than the 300/month which includes leads? Or is that what you pay? What are the different levels of funtime anyway? As far as the certificates, as I understand it you pay $15 and can sell them for whatever you want or just give them away. If someone redeems them, you make $25. Is this correct? If so, I just don't see much of a profit margin here. I am interested in the online booking and IATA card, but I would like to hear some Coastal specific training on this.

    Also, what about selling vouchers to individuals? Or do you sell them to companies only? Are you concerned at all about the "seller of travel laws", or does that not apply here. I think that question has been asked before, so I would like to hear the official "word" from funtime.

    I have contactmate which is a once and done purchase. It includes and autoresponder and voice blast system. If I just want to buy leads, can I do that or do you have to pay the 300/month for the whole package?

    Sorry to bombard you with questions, but I, like you, would only promote Coastal. I am trying to find out how funtime would benefit people like us. I am always open to opportunity, I am just trying to see how this would fit in, so any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  3. cgardner1

    cgardner1 New Member

    Hi Noreen,

    Thanks for your response, I had the same questions myself.

    There's many ways to use Funtime to Promote Coastal.
    and you can have extra income from Funtime as well
    with very little focus on it - so it doesn't take away from Coastal money but adds to it and makes you more Coastal Sales.

    You can purchase certificates from Funtime with even basic membership - $139 fee and then $39 per month - best deal I think is the $299 fee - so you can at least try the leads and then you can always go down to the $39 per month if you want
    After you have 3 people at the $299 rate - your membership is Free
    You'll get lots of leads, vacations and other stuff

    For Details - go to the site: - IncomeAndFun

    You don't have to have a seller of travel license if you have an IATA card (per the owner of Funtime)

    You can give away flyers instead of buying the certificates - and then just purchase the cerficates you need as people actually Do
    pay for the activation (so you're only paying for copies of flyers)

    I've been getting about $200-$300 a month on vacation activation fees from one retail client I have - who pd for his premier Coastal membership by selling the vouchers (so nothing out of his pocket)
    for the $3,995 - and now he buys the certificates through me - so I get the activation fees) He likes it that way.

    So - funtime is a good way for people to raise money to buy the coastal pkg for Biz opp or Retail

    The certificates I use mosly w/ Funtime have 3 vacations on them
    a cruise, a Bahamas vacation and a Florida vacation and they are $10.00 (people like them)

    You can sell or give vouchers to anyone - you can go out to business or like Kareoke night etc and let them give away the flyers for you (get 2 flyers to a page and cut even that cost in 1/2)

    The benefit of the autorsponder system is you can use it - if you get the 40,000 leads a month and have it set up to promote Coastal
    as an additional source of leads for Coastal - and let it run in addition to your contact mate ( I also have aweber )

    I'm always looking for ways to Really help my team members.

    I hope you find this info helpful - vist BestIncomeAndFun and contact me If I can be of more assistance,
  4. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    Quoting: cgardner1I've been getting about $200-$300 a month on vacation activation fees from one retail client I have - who pd for his premier Coastal membership by selling the vouchers (so nothing out of his pocket)
    for the $3,995 - and now he buys the certificates through me - so I get the activation fees) He likes it that way.

    I don't understand this, can you please explain?

    Thank you
  5. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Hey Terri,

    With the vacation vouchers at Fun Time when a client activates them you make a commission. This is in addition to any price you might have sold the voucher for. For instance we have a Vegas Fly + Stay that the client will pay $265 in processing and activation fees. I market this voucher for anywhere from $300-$600. Now all of the vouchers are completely transferable so when I sell it to say you Terri if you want to sell if to someone else you can. That is probably what the store owner does and made enough money by selling vouchers to buy a premier package. Now he buys the Fun Time vouchers directly from Carol and does his own marketing. Good business plan. I love it. Great job Carol keep up the good work.

  6. cgardner1

    cgardner1 New Member

    Hi Terri,
    Yes I can explain (sorry it's not clear - now that I look at it)
    I have a retail client who purchased a premier pkg ($3.995)
    so he could give away cruises.
    ( he actually gathered the money from his Furniture reps - to pay for the package)
    Now he orders certificates that are funtime certificates - through Me
    so My funtime ID # is on those certificates.
    Now when people activate those certificates to go on the vacation
    they pay a $45 fee online and I get $25 of that
    so I've been getting about $200-$300 montly - because he keeps ordering these certificates for his reps to get his furniture line selling in different stores.
    The certificates we use are $10.00 each and you can sell them too - if you want.
    I hope that's a better explaination

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