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  1. DanielPayne

    DanielPayne New Member

    Just curious what are most of your ratios for cold calling leads to conversions? I just recently purchased 1000 leads from CEM for 17cents/lead. They are 15-35 days old and I am wondering what kind of results to expect from these leads?

    How many of you do use purchased leads? How many of you have had good results with purchased leads? Any advice on leads? I don't really have the budget to create my own leads right now, so I plan to use these leads to build up some working capital so I can further expand my business. Thank you for your help guys!
  2. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    Hi Daniel,
    I know you don't feel you can afford to do pay per click right now but I want to point something out to you. You just spent $170.00 on leads that are not targeted to coastal, are 2 to 4 weeks old and probably have been sold several times before being sold to you. You can take that same $170 and get EXTREMELY targeted traffic from any pay per click search engine like Googel, Yahoo, Miva or several others. No, you won't get 1000 leads but you can be positive that they won't have been sold 6 or 7 times before you get them and you know they already know about Coastal because they will have used that as a search term to find your ad. I would much rather get 100 targeted leads from pay per click than 1000 untargeted leads that probably don't have the money to get into Coastal. Don't be discouraged about those leads you just bought because there will probably be a sale or 2 in them but think about pay per click or classifeds or something like that next time. It might be an easier pay off.
  3. DanielPayne

    DanielPayne New Member

    Thanks hsimpsonjr! I appreciate any help for you experienced guys out there! This is the great thing about coastal, even if we aren't in the same group, we do all pull together to help each other! Thanks for the advice, I will certainly consider it. Once I get a sale or two under my belt I will feel 100x more confident in this business.

  4. matiasmommy

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    Hi Daniel!

    Those are email leads from CEM.. i don't actually call them myself.. what I do is let them walk through my system and call me. Saves time! I still convert 1-2 sales/1000 leads. System works! I may be "missing" sales.. but to me, I don't have the time, and really as they are in email followup- I expect serious people to look at the info and make up their own mind. I'm not a salesperson, I don't convince, harass, cajole or ever EVER cold call people!! They call me. More often then not!

    PPC is getting pretty saturated for coastal keywords.. up to about $2-3/click. What I don't like is all the use of negative keywords up there right now to steer people away from coastal. Also, without a unique page, you end up paying more then you should or need to.

    I would say, look for different leads.. there are coastal specific leads for about the same price as ppc advertising right now (not with cem). CEM is great, I use the premium and email leads myself ( I love having people call ME!) but if that is a bit rich for you while you are starting your biz- I would look for something else!

    There are lots of free advertising methods as well- I tell people to try about 3 things at a time total. Most important thing is consistency and tracking your numbers. Different things work for different people- find what works for YOU!


    Jani Teeter
    L3 Director, CSG
  5. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member


    You put your leads into a contact management system and start up an autoresponer campaign? Is that how you get them to walk through your system? Just curious because I am just getting sarted with Contact mate and was wondering where the best place to buy inexpensive Coastal specific leads. I bought a bunch which were just home based business specific, but it is just my test run. Didn't want to waste Coastal leads until I am sure I have it working porperly.

  6. OnlineMoney24 7

    OnlineMoney24 7 New Member

    I agree with Harold and Google Adwords. I would rather have 100 highly targeted leads then 1000 old recycled leads any day.

    And it's true that with Adwords ads people are typing in certain search terms that bring up your ad. So those people are obliviously looking to get more information about Coastal.

  7. matiasmommy

    matiasmommy New Member

    The leads are uploaded into the CEM back office (that comes with the leads) for a Coastal Specific campaign, linked to my automated online info tour.. they show up in my CSG back office after completing post flash, post profile and contact request forms. I then send them an appointment confirmation, and give them a ring!

    Jat- google adwords is great, IF you have the budget for them! It's true, you get what you pay for.. but I buy the cheaper ones and let them walk through the system to become warm. I also have adwords, classified and more specific, live, targeted campaigns. I did have to start out slowly though, as most people do- so I found a system that worked for me!

    I save time, and still find it a very good investment to make 1-2 sales on a $170 dollar investment- I usually end up calling about 5/1000 people that walk through all 3 steps online. 70% of my sales come in at premium, 20% at platinum, 10% at L1. Either way I shake it, its VERY good ROI using the email leads from CEM. Say, I only make 1 sale on a batch and its L1- profit is still $800- and that is a bad month for me with email leads. I've had as much as 6 convert in one lot during a month (and 2 of those were platinum- so that was a very good month!). I've tried other email leads, not the same results.

    Good luck!


  8. DanielPayne

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    ok thanks everyone!

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