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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by RedRobin, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Hi Everyone!
    Has anyone out there dealt with Coastal Vacations or Coastal Synergy?
    Any success stories out there? Please let the forum know if you have any information to share with us.
  2. shun

    shun New Member

    Hi Robin!
    I just recently joined Coastal Vacations and I am with the Coastal Synergy Group!
    First I just want to say the support, training and marketing system they have in place is AWESOME!
    My sponsor has been doing this since April '05 and has made over $15,000!
    She has also used the travel package and a $299 room per night ended up costing her $99 per night with the travel package's discount!

    This weekend they are having a seminar in Florida......
    We have a daily LIVE Q&A call Mon-Fri at 2pm est and 8pm est. And retail and product training on Sat. You can ask as many questions as you like!

    I filled out a goal sheet and sent it to her and I asked her was that attainable doing this business and she said ABSOLUTELY!

    You need support and training in every business and Coastal Synergy Group has so much training and support and TRAINING it is unbelievable!

    Email me if you want more info:
  3. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Thank you so much for the information.
  4. shun

    shun New Member

    Just an update to anyone that is looking at Coastal.
    I am doing this on a very VERY part time basis for now, until the end of Dec. of course, and even still I have made some money!
    At the moment I have purchased the retail training and my plan is to market the Travel Packages to Real Estate Agents, as an incentive to their clients. Then I am going to eventually venture out to other business such as mortgage brokers, Non-Profit Organizations, whoever I can think of!
    I think this will be really good especially since these businesses will then have access to an UNLIMITED amount of vacations with complimentary lodging to give away as incentives to their customers or clients, and the business is only purchasing the package ONCE!
    They could give away vacations just to say thank you, to get more clients and sales, etc.........
    Are there any real estate agents or other businesses out there who would like to comment on this idea?
  5. Renier

    Renier New Member

    i also just start with coastal my advice is choose your director very careful [​IMG]
  6. shun

    shun New Member

    I definitely agree with that Renier!
    There are people who just want to take your money and move on, then again there are people who are truly willing to help you build your business. So don't let that be the deciding factor on if a business is legit or not. Scammers are in any business.
    I know when I first started I emailed a handful of directors and actually talked with a couple, one in which I actually chose as my director to teach me. Which worked out pretty good!
    I would say work with the one you truly feel like they are going to be there to help you.
  7. ACP9364

    ACP9364 New Member

    Hi. I am new to this forum and it has been very helpful. I have been chatting with a Level 2 Director from Coastal since May 2005. She and I are a great match and I am ready to move forward. I feel as though I have researched this opportunity, but any additional comments (pros and/or cons) would be most appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  8. shun

    shun New Member

    Hi ACP9364,
    That is very good you are looking into Coastal. This is truly a wonderful opportunity!
    I would say the pro's are the income and the people you meet.
    I would say the cons are.....well it is your business so you have to work at it, but that isn't really a con for people who aren't lazy and understand the concept behind running a business. And also remember this IS YOUR business, so there will be business expenses.
    I mean there really aren't any cons. As long as you are persistant and get some good training under your belt you WILL succeed. But it is definitely up to you. Anything worth having is worth working for, and you will be glad you invested time in researching Coastal. I wish you the best in SUCCESS!
    And I'm sure the forum here is always open for ideas and advice about the Coastal Business.
  9. ACP9364

    ACP9364 New Member

    Shun! Thanks so much for the positive email! I have never owned a business - corporate paralegal by nature, so this is an entirely new arena for me. My fear - drumming up business, however, like you said, with the proper training, I am sure I will do just fine. I am certainly open to any and all suggestions! I really like this forum and so happy I found it!!! Thanks again! I really appreciate your email! I'll keep you posted.
  10. msakbo01

    msakbo01 New Member


    I'm very NEW to this forum and also new to the work-at-home business. I'm a graduate student in chemical engineering. I'm looking also at Coastal synergy group because I'll be graduating in a few months and I also want to add a supplement income after I find a job in the industry.

    I tried to search for info. online about the program as much as I can and it really looks good to me, but I have no prior experience with this kind of work. I've just start to get in touch with one of the level 3 director to get more info. about the business.

    I would really appreciate if you guys can give me any advice how to move forward. I feel like even if for some reason I dont make it with this business, I still have a great travel packages

    Would love to hear back from you guys!!

    Thank you

  11. shun

    shun New Member

    Hi msakbo01,

    As far as moving forward with Coastal, you will work closely and directly with a director within Coastal that will help you grow your business. The Coastal Synergy Group is a group within the Coastal Vacations business. The great thing about the Coastal Synergy Group is all the training and support you will have access to, in addition to the support and help of your director.
    I have been in other businesses before Coastal, and I think the main reason I didn't stay in the businesses long was because there was no support.
    Getting trained in anything, whether it be on how to groom a dog, is vital to your success. Unless you want to find out things the hard way by starting from scratch on your own. [​IMG]
  12. wanda

    wanda New Member

    I too have been researching Coastal. I started my first home business with Agel in October/05 and have done so well that I want to do another home business.
    I enjoy travelling and the travel industry. I didnt have to worry about being led in the wrong direction or scammed with my first business because all the facts were there plus what mattered to me was who introduced me to it.
    Not the case for my second one. I dont have the sense of security.

    Is Coastal ground floor opportunity? Does it have a Corporate office?
    any help would be great
  13. shun

    shun New Member

    Hey Wanda, congratulations on your success with AGEL!

    I wouldn't say Coastal is a ground floor opportunity because it has been in business for 11 years. So that is hardly ground floor.[​IMG]

    To answer your second question: The BEST thing about Coastal Vacations, is that unlike a company, we are an association. The association is made up of business professionals and home based business owners all over the world. We ARE governed by a Board of Directors who ensure that our products and vendors meet our very high standards.

    When a client pays you, they pay YOU. You don't receive a check in the mail at the end of the month from a company. You don't have to meet a quota or be on autoship. You get paid on whatever date you and your client has agreed upon, whether it be today or next month.

    So no, there is no Coporate office. Each Director with Coastal is TRUELY in business for themselves and are more than welcome to list there ownselves on the BBB, which will be a reflection of that individual, not Coastal as a whole.

    Hope that answer your questions Wanda.
  14. jaynapier

    jaynapier New Member

    Coastal Vacations is the Real Deal!

    I've been with Coastal for over 2.5 years and I've had no bad expirences as all.

    The Travel Package is everything they say it is and then some.....Each year our Board of Directors adds value to the membership and they are always working on improving the tools and the membership.

    Training is the most important thing with Coastal. I'm a Level 3 Director with Coastal and it's important that you partner with a director who has the training that you need to show you how to market your business successfully. Allowing you to turn a Profit in your business.

    I make no less than 3-7 personal sales per week and I Love the business. 70% - 75% of the sales I make are level 2 sales.

    Got a Question - Just ask.

    Jay NaPier
    Level 3 Director
    Coastal Vacations

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  15. michport

    michport New Member

    The comments about the Coastal Synergy Group are absolutely accurate. I'm a new Coastal Associate and listen to the live calls daily. I think that those of us in this group are committed to helping each other succeed. This way, we learn from each other and will ALL succeed!
    I've listened to several of the training calls of other Coastal groups (we are all marketing the same packges and opportunity, which really IS an amazing value and business), but you do NOT get the same sense of support at all. If you happened to have joined Coastal with a director who is not giving you support, join the daily calls of the Coastal Synergy group. You'll get great training and information here. Anyone can listen in and ask questions!

    Michelle Porter
  16. andyolinyk

    andyolinyk New Member

    can ANYONE from any situation join coastal ? does experience or education matter ... does circumstace status play a part in wether or not someone can do this ... do they have online chat conferances or do they stick strictly to the live phone Q & A 'S ? is there an offical place on the net like a forum where people hang out and talk about coastal related stuff...... rather then random spurts of places like this ... i read something about BBB wheres the link for that ? ......
  17. goustauf

    goustauf New Member

    There is a fee though to work for coastal of over one thousand dollars right ?? Thats absoloutly crazy
  18. shun

    shun New Member

    Anyone from ANY situation can join Coastal Vacations. Experience or education does not matter, that's why we have training in place. You will be educated in a whole different way! There are no online chat's to my knowledge. There are message boards that have a forum for Coastal Directors to talk amongst themselves, helping each other and anyone else who would like to learn more about the business or product. But there is no "official" forum for Coastal. Our training is over the phone and online and we also hold a seminar twice a year. We just had one in March in Florida.
    As for BBB, Coastal is an association of business owners, so each person is welcomed to list their own business on the BBB, but it will be for that particular business owner, not Coastal as a whole.

    Hi Goustauf,
    As far as the fee you are talking about to work for Coastal, you are not working FOR Coastal. This is your own independent business. Your customer and clients pay you up front and then you send the wholesale amount in to the shipping company for them to ship the product out. Let's just say you go to SAM's Club, if you are familiar with them. You own your own store and purchase your products in bulk from SAM's. When a customer comes to your store, do you sell them that bag of potato chips for the exact same price that you bought it from SAM's?
    No, you have to make a profit to make a living, the only thing is is that you bought the product first and then sold it to your customer and received a profit. With Coastal, your customer purchases the product from you for $1295. You pocket $1000 and send the $295 to the shipping company for them to send the product to your customer. You will not receive a check from Coastal Vacations every month. There are no quotas to keep, if you work you make money, if you don't work, you don't make money. It's up to you.
    The investment for starting your Coastal Vacations is over $1000.
    Coastal Vacations is not a JOB, it is a BUSINESS, so there will be an investment into your business. Would you expect to open up a restaurant and not invest money into it to pay for the building, electric, tables, glasses, advertising, FOOD? This alone will cost you 6-figures just to get started before you even have ONE customer.
    Remember, if you want a business, there will be business expenses.

    I hope this clears up things for you goustauf. $1295, $3995, or even $11000 is not much to invest if its a business with a proven track record of success that people are making money. $1000's of dollars a month. And if it is something that you are serious about.
  19. Renier

    Renier New Member

    Coastal Vacations is the real deal I just find the deall the leverage your time as well it is a Call center combine with coastal.

    All you do is market the product and they close the sales for you I truly believe in system tool thats makes it much easier for your business.

    If you want more info of this call center let me know.

  20. PNL Travel

    PNL Travel New Member

    Hello all,

    I just wanted to add that anyone really can start a Coastal Vacations business! What you know and who you know doesn't matter here. It is YOUR business. You own it, you run it!

    As far as the start up goes - yes it is over $1,000 to get started. I like what shun pointed out. It costs to start ANY business. Not only does it cost to start a traditional business, but you also have to find a place to put it! Building rent alone would most likely cost over $1,000 a month!

    Anyway, that's just my thought on all of that!

    I started working with Coastal Vacations last year. I am with the Coastal Vacations Wealthbuilders. My Mother-in-Law and I started our business together. We have made lifelong friends, made some money, and best of all we have found a true work from home business! We have had some setbacks, as with any business, but it has definately been worth it!

    I wish all of you the best, I hope you find what you are looking for


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