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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by Bolade, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Bolade

    Bolade New Member

    As a owner and former business builder with Coastal Vacation (CV) memberships and a current distributor for Global Resorts Network (GRN), I feel I am authorized to speak about the comparison of the two.

    I will let you know right now that I would recommend Global Resorts Network over Coastal Vacation. The number one reason being that the product and service of the GRN is far superior than CV.

    Think about who your target market would be for both these product; households with children that enjoy to travel. When I was with CV (just over a year ago) the membership was offering discounts on vacant rooms at hotels. During peak season; when families have the time to take their children on vacations, it is difficult to book and many of the cards & certificates would not allow you to book during peak season with CV.

    GRN on the other hand, pre-reserves rooms at luxury resorts meaning you can book anytime during the 52 weeks in a year. NO BLACKOUTS.

    Another benefit that GRN has over CV is the fact that there is no membership fees. The maximum initial investment you will pay for a GRN membership is $2995 compared to the $12,995 (if I remember correctly) with CV membership. After that there are no ongoing cost with GRN, however if you want to get updated cards & phone numbers etc with CV that will cost you $90/year.

    Even if you decided to get the basic Gold membership through GRN you pay $1495. Even though this is a cheapest membership you still have international access to luxury resorts, cruises, hotels and more. With CV, there level 1 membership is $1320 and that limits you vacations to only North America.

    CV memberships sends you a binder with membership cards and certificates where you must go online or call around to find yourself a discounts. With GRN you have online access to book all your vacations from one convenient locations with travel professionals as your 24/7 customer support should you need their assistance.

    GRN's compensation plan allow you to earn commissions from certain members below you to unlimited depth and width, always. After training sales are completed with CV, you are no longer earning any commissions after you spent the time training.

    GRN offers availability at luxury resorts many of them 4 & 5 star timeshare resorts. Have fun trying to secure a location like that with CV. Already they are selling unused hotel rooms. If you already own a timeshare you can list it with GRN and earn 100% commission from whomever buys that week.

    Also with some CV vacation offers you may have to watch a timeshare presentation!

    These are just some of the benefits GRN has over CV. Mind you I have not promoted CV for about a year so things might have slightly changed. However GRN memberships have been successfully selling without a pay plan for over 20 years. CV is an organization of people who have been selling their product with a pay plan for 12 years.

    Now some folks (CV distributors) may not like this post however as an unsatisfied CV distributor I feel a sort of obligation to point out my experience. Note I'm not hating on CV as I was able to sell the memberships, however I found it difficult to use the membership at a time that was suitable for me...which was peak season!
  2. goldmills

    goldmills New Member

    It's ok to make the post with comparisons, just make sure before you post in a public form with information that your info on the company you are trying to rip on (Coastal) is accurate.

    Please go back and fix all the errors you made about Coastal. Very inaccurate info in your post regarding Coastals trips and condos.

    Here are a few corrections:

    Coastal does not just offer hotel room disconts, that is only one part of the many travel related services coastal does.

    L1 membership is WORLDWIDE on savings, discounts and condos and hotels for UNLIMITED USE, based on availability

    The $90 renewal fee in coastal is optional and not required

    Coastal has MANY online instant gratification travel partners who let you buy today ONLINE and go tomorrow. It is not all vouchers in the mail.

    No timeshare presentations are required in the Coastal package, ever.

    Coastal has been around for over 26 years, sold over the last 13 using home based reps.

    Yes, different programs, some similarities, some differences make either stand out in unique ways.

    GRN IS a good program.

    What I love most about GRN is they have people who answer the phone to help book for clients and do live customer support and on that matter... YOU GOT COASTAL BEAT BIG TIME!

    Once you get your two up from reps in coastal, the income does not end.... they upgrade, owe you two sales at the new level, then they upgrade to L3 and owe you two sales at that level.

    One person, moving from L1 to L3 , over time, giving you all the passups would net that director about $30k in straight up commission.

    But...... with GRN....

    NO call center
    NO BIG BIG Ticket sales on a big package
    The compensation plan is much more complicated than it seems, once you get into the fine print on the commissions earnings there are actually many hoops to get through to earn the big money. Doable, but not clear up front.

    Ya, so there are good in both programs, but like I said, go look at the official coastal training dot com site, for all real stuff about Coastal.

    Much has changed in Coastal over the last year. Huge strides and better and better by the day.

    GRN is a solid program, but Coastal is not a dog, it's a great program.

  3. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    Wow, Bolade. It's obvious from your post that you didn't and still don't know as much as you thought about Coastal Vacations. ALL companies like Coastal and GRN are dealing with "available rooms or condos." Even the ones where you say GRN pre-reserves these rooms at luxury resorts, I bet whoever calls that resort with a creditcard is going to get it first even if that person doesn't belong to GRN. Bottom line is, if it is available, it's available to anyone who wants to book it. That's why we say we deal with vacancies. You make it sound like these resorts have special rooms with GRN painted on the doors that only GRN members can use and that isn't the case.

    I agree with Jeff that GRN has some great features to it. The residual income is fine but Coastal has that also because each pass up sale we get owes us 2 pass up sales and so on and so on forever. One thing I like about Coastal is that the prospect pays the member directly and then we pay Coastal instead of the other way around. You say that GRN allows you to get paid to unlimited depth. That is completely dependant on the members under you. You are depending on them to determine you success. The hard truth to ALL homebased and traditional start up businesses is that 95% fail within the first year. We have to make the decision to succeed. That is one reason I decided to go with the WeCloseYourSales call center because having a call center to do the presenting and closing and collecting the money will allow me to focus on training and marketing.

    I guess what really sticks out to me is that you are coming here to do nothing but badmouth Coastal. You didn't come here to start a new thread to talk about the positive things about GRN. You immediately went to the Coastal Vacations area, which is the most active area of this entire forum, and started bashing or "hating" Coastal Vacations. That right there told me how to look at everything else you post on this forum. Some of your posts have already been deleted from this forum and you have only been a member for 1 day.

    To anyone reading this who might be interested in Coastal Vacations, PLEASE do your research. No, Coastal isn't perfect but it is a GREAT opportunity and many are making 6 and 7 figures a year with it. GRN is a good opportunity also. It's TOTALLY different from Coastal. Coastal offers lifestyle benefits also like restaurant, theme park, car rental, insurance and tons of other discounts that GRN doesn't offer. CoastaL has high end and middle of the road options for hotels and condos. We have immediate discounts and discounts that use vouchers and take a little more effort to use but they are EXTREME discounts that can save you hundreds of dollars even on short stays.

    Just PLEASE do your research! Don't take a disgruntled member's word as what you base your decision on.
  4. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Hello Bolade,

    Looks like the training you've gotten from your upline in GRN is working well, but the sad things is that people are not responsive to bashing other companies AND you don't know what your talking about with Coastal.

    I'd go back to whatever you were doing before you spammed this forum.

    Jay NaPier
  5. Bolade

    Bolade New Member

    "GRN pre-reserves these rooms at luxury resorts, I bet whoever calls that resort with a credit card is going to get it first even if that person doesn't belong to GRN."

    I'm willing to take you up on your bet; GRN purchases those units (as in paid for; reserved) for GRN members and obviously there is no sign tagging the room GRN, duh!...if for some odd reason that no one from GRN books then I'm sure the resort would sell if off as a 'hotweek' at a discount book it within 24-48hrs.

    And again for all you who are taking it as a bashing...obviously you are getting defensive which is find as you may be 'in love' with you company and not the facts, as I never said, "CV a useless dog' so again...relax just sharing my experience with CV...this is the business review section, so stop 'hating on me' I didn't do you anything, never took no shots at any of you! Go are read some of your own forums...i've seen two people already having difficulties with booking so why not go hate on them now!

    Also I did note that it has been over a year since I have promoted CV and sure things have changed. I was just mentioning my experience and I noted that also. So of course it up to the buy to do it's own due diligence with either opportunity so stop with the 'you're bashing CV' none-sense!

    CV L1 membership has changed since my time there as I was limited to north america so thanks for the update. Are you saying now that if I pay my $90 I will have international cards sent to me?

    And please...been in the industry don't need to hear the stats...we all know the one's who succeed are the ones who take the consistent action to build their business. That is with anything whether you're going to be successful in business or sports. There is nothing wrong with the industry of network marketing...the problem is people spend their little bit of money to get started and because it's not a HUGE investment like traditional business, they don't take it seriously...they treat it like a hobby!

    I clearly stated that CV is a great program, easy to sell...but for myself and others I've sold it to...we've all had difficulties booking a vacation during peak season (that's when people want to travel)! Also, I never said that you can not book online; I know you can...but it's not in one convenient location such as GRN.
  6. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    So, Bolade, if I was to call one of the resorts you guys pre-reserve and ask them if they have some rooms reserved for GRN members that no other people have access to they would say yes?
  7. goldmills

    goldmills New Member

    All I said, is if you are gonna try to post a comparison do it apples to apples and do it with the right facts, not untrue facts which confuse the marketplace.

    GRN and Coastal can exist in the same market and offer different benefits for people who are looking for thier unique offerings.

    Just make sure if you are going to talk about Coastal, you know what you are saying about it.

  8. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    Quoting: BoladeThe maximum initial investment you will pay for a GRN membership is $2995 compared to the $12,995 (if I remember correctly) with CV membership. After that there are no ongoing cost with GRN, however if you want to get updated cards & phone numbers etc with CV that will cost you $90/year.

    The max is $11,000 with Coastal vacations have more luxury condo's, pool homes, in luxury resorts all over the world!

    Coastal vacations is NOT JUST certficates and vouchers so don't let these GRN people fool you.

    You get cruises, dining discounts, discounts on car rentals, discounts on camping , discounts on Golf, skiing, amusement parks and so much more PLUS access to some of the condo's resorts GRN offers as well!

    AND airline discounts!!!

    Did I mention the commission on that pkg is $9700 times 3..???
    Look into CV payplan you will be amazed.

    With Coastal we offer a payplan where you can start at $350 DOWN AND make payments and than you can upgrade at any time!!

  9. SirThomas

    SirThomas New Member

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post on this forum. I wasn't planning on posting,
    but noticed GRN mentioned and decided to join.

    To be honest with you I hate those comparisons. I've spent some
    time trying to point out the differencies, but don't really enjoy this

    Both companies ARE different. Period.

    Maybe next time I will provide some usefull info, but I just wanted to
    correct my GRN colleague. GRN does NOT have pre-reserved condos.

    GRN's product provider controls some inventory they've acquired
    over the years or signed long term contracts for.

  10. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    Welcom to the forum, Thomas.
  11. SirThomas

    SirThomas New Member

    Thanks Harold. Nice to see you here.[​IMG]
  12. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    I focus on CV because there is a segment of the travel industry that like all the discouts that are offered in the package that are travel related, for example, as pointed out, discounts on dining, car rentals, airfare. BUT that said GRN might be more suited for seniors who want to call and book a vacation from a travel consultant, as a 12 yr experienced in the travel industry travel agent I understand that.

    Is there room for both companies to thrive and survive? Of course there is!

    In fact why not join both companies and have the benefits both companies offer ? Be glad to sign you up! [​IMG]

  13. grnwealth

    grnwealth New Member

    It is not about comparing the two. You can make money with any oppty out there. You need to figure out what fits your mentality and personality. Listen we have a great product with GRN, more systems than you can imagine, and a creative long term comp plan. You need to decide how you want to approach it.

    As a mentor it is our goal to properly train you and assist you because we have the financial incentive to make sure your are successful. Organic advertising is where it is at and you need 3-4 ways to generate those leads. Luckily if you join a good team and mentor you will be taught those ways. Good Luck to all whether you pick GRN or Coastal but I have had major success with GRN.
  14. grnwealth

    grnwealth New Member

    Global Resorts Network has really been amazing now. Things for me are exploding. I am teaching people how to market this product and business four different ways. The Virtual Assistants with GRN Team builder have been closing deals for me pretty consistently now and I have closed many myself.

    It is so refreshing to be able to market this product retail. I have had 3 travel agents join my team and are selling this product to their existing customers! It is crazy. Plus the support and team websites we offer to people for free are exploding our business.

    I have seen Liberty League, emerald passport, and coastal vacations. NOTHING hold a candle to Global Resorts Network. Feel free to contact me with questions about my four strategies to get sales. The pre written copy I use to get to these people is amazing. I also have a list of about 1000 free places to advertise. It is fun being the leader people are looking for!


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