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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by philip_appleton, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. philip_appleton

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    Hello everybody,

    I realise that this may not apply to many of you whom work full-time at home. However I am still interested in your responses or comments. I am currently designing a coffee table which can transform into a desk for people to be able to work at home in the comfort of their living rooms. I wonder whether this may be a product which would interest anyone here. Do you ever work for a short while in the evening or afternoon? Perhaps to be with your families or simply to relax in front of the tv. What issues do you have whilst you work in these situations. Also what issues do you have when at your desk? Would you be interested in buying a coffee table which could transform its self into a work station? Would you perhaps expect it to form other functions such as storage? I am interested in any ideas that you have whether you feel they may be irrelevant or not.

    Thank you all,

    Philip Appleton
  2. onera

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    I think it depends on how easy it is to use. It has to be light and durable. Also, you have to come up with some compelling benefits.

    Check to see if there is a patent, If not, apply for a provisional patent to lock your idea. A provisional patent is good for one year and cost around $99.

    If the idea is good and there is a market, you can get the full patent.
  3. Jim Gillum

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    I already have a roll around for my laptop great ..
    But I think you have a good idea....
  4. getagrip

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    Here is what you could do:

    If it is not going to cost too much, you could build a prototype, then list it on eBay to see if it sells. Pay close attention to how many bids you get - if you get a lot of interest, chances are there may be some demand for it. If not, chances are it may not sell very well if you mass-produced it.
  5. talfighel

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    I will be totally honest with you here and give you my own opinion. I would not buy this myself but maybe others would. Give it a try on Ebay to see if people will want to buy it.

    I really hope that more and more people will come here and give you their opinion too.


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