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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by getagrip, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. getagrip

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    Cognigen is an MLM I stumbled upon a few months ago, focusing on the telecommunications industry, and also growing industries such as web hosting. I was a little suspicious about it, so I did some internet research to find out if it was a scam or not. The result? Not one shred of evidence to indicate that it was a scam. In fact, I read (but did not verify) that Cognigen stock is publicly traded. It gets even better...The Cognigen MLM program is free to join.

    Now that you know what Cognigen is, I'm going to give you some positives and negatives.

    What I like about Cognigen:

    The main thing I like about Cognigen is that it is free to join - you don't have to pay one penny to Cognigen to get started. They also have a lot of good telecommunications products you can promote, and last time I checked, on online mall with a wide variety of products. Also, they have a great incentive program, because for the majority of the products, you get commissions based on monthly billing, rather than one time commissions. You can get higher monthly commissions when you have downlines generating monthly billing.

    Why Cognigen May Not Be For You:

    If you are at all like me, you don't like face to face selling. While Cognigen does offer some training and support for alternate methods of making sales, the main avenue of sales is through direct selling. If, however, you are good at selling, Cognigen is definately a good opportunity to check out.

    Currently, even though I'm a Cognigen "agent", I'm not active in the business. However, now that I'm involved with internet marketing, I may start to market some Cognigen services online to see what happens. I know how to market products and goods for free online...the idea of getting paid a percentage of someone's phone bill every month is very appealing...and doing it with free advertising is even more appealing!

    Since this forum has rules about not putting in your own links, I won't include my Cognigen information here (and you won't find it on my website below either, although you will find out more info about internet marketing, but you can find Cognigen by just doing a web search. Its free to join and you have nothing to lose, so don't be afraid to just "go for it".
  2. ralphgreene

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    As much as I love the telecommunications business becasue I had my own company in Japan for a while I would certainly think twice about joining a telecom company.

    In the telecom industry there are really not many differences in products between companies and margins are so low that you will have a difficult time making any money.

    To really make any money you would have to have a very big downline and for part time people building a massive downline is not going to be possible. A good bench mark is to figure out how many people you will need in your downline to make $10,000 a month. If it is much over 500 people then you should think about looking for something else.

    Maybe you want to do this business full time I do not know. But most people that you bring into the business will only be part time and if they can not make any money they will not stick around for long.

    I tried selling the broadband phones about a year ago and found that most people have a flat rate long distance service that is cheaper than what I had.

    One more thing there is not much emotional appeal for telecom services. You really need a product that will change peoples lives. Like a health product or something.

    My advice is to look for something else that is going to pay you for your hard work.
  3. getagrip

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    I agree with you to a point, but if you know how to sell or to marketing products online, Cognigen can work for you.

    Just imagine if you get 6% of someone's cell phone bill over a ten year $50 a month, that would be $360. That is not a huge dollar amount, but multiply that number by 10 customers and you get $3,600. Mulpitly that by 100 customers (10 customers a year) and you get $36,000..and that is without a downline - commissions go up when you have a downline.

    These figures aren't exact, but they do illustrate just how profitable Cognigen can be...and it IS free to join. Hey, I'm not even giving a link here so you can become my downline - I'm just saying its a good opportunity if you take advantage of it.

    Like I said, you have to be able to sell or market products online, but if you can figure out a way to do it, there is a lot of potential to make money.
  4. blabl375573

    blabl375573 New Member

    actually if you get 10 customers a year

    the first month you will have 1
    the first year 10
    the second year 20
    6% of 20 * 50 = 60$

    1st year you get 30$ your total is 30$
    2nd 60$ your total is 90$
    3rd 90$ your total is 180$
    4th 120$ your total is 300$
    5th 150$ your total is 450$
    6th 180$ your total is 630$
    7th 210$ your total is 840$
    8th 240$ your total is 1080$
    9th 270$ your total is 1350$
    10th 300$ your total is 1650$

    for 10 clients a year for 10 years you get 1650$+300 per year
    not 36000$
  5. yahia

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    Why would anyone dig up a really old post like this one? They guy who founded Cognigen passed away in Oct. 2007 and Cognigen doesn't even exist anymore.

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