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Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by oregoncountry, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. oregoncountry

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    I'd love some feedback from folks that have websites. I am comparing the cheap ones, well because Im cheap[​IMG] Nah, really Im not, ask any of my X husbands, IM KIDDING [​IMG] Im just have a couple pennies to run together is all right now[​IMG] Until, I hit the Mother Lode that is[​IMG]

    If anyone should get an "A" for research "after the fact" it would be me. I have purchased a years worth of hosting. But, I would rather lose the money I spent than build my site "on the wrong site" Know what Im saying[​IMG] So now, I am comparing. The fella that I am following his instructions online, to be an Affiliate Marketer, recommends a place called So there's one if anyone has an opinion on it. The place I bought service from is Yola(used to be synthasite). There are quite a few others under 10 per year. This is about what I can afford so please dont suggest I go with an expensive package deal. I simply can't do that. Believe me, if I could I just might because this "do it yourself" has been hard and it isn't over by a long-shot.

    Ok, so any good reviews for me on cheap webhosting deals?[​IMG] Thanks All and ttyl, denise
  2. Newbie Shield

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    Hi Oregon,

    Try Blue Host, Host Monster, and Host Gator.

    They may not be the very least expensive, but they are close and have quite a few thrills and relatively good customer service for the low prices.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  3. oregoncountry

    oregoncountry Member

    I was hoping someone might "just" tell me which has the most bells and whistles[​IMG] You're gonna make me do more research. Ok fine, off I go, lol!!!

    Thank you, truly though, denise[​IMG]
  4. Newbie Shield

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    All three have about the same number of bells and whistles - essentially identical in fact.

    You'll be happy with any of them.

    It won't take long at all to take a quick peak and decide.

    Lately folks seem to favor Host Gator by a slight margin if you don't care to do the footwork.

    By the way, I meant to say "frills" rather than "thrills" though I suppose you'll experience both [​IMG]

    As an aside, are you quite certain that you're ready to take on paid hosting? That's a last step - after you have the fundamentals down pat and you've experimented with free sites for a few months.

    I can't help but to continue having the impression that you have a tendency to put the cart before the horse when it should be the other way around.

    It's best to be seasoned and confident before you go with paid hosting.

    Good luck in any case,

    ~Newbie Shield~
  5. oregoncountry

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    Im the first to admit my shortcomings but I don't mind you pointing them out[​IMG] I am not even totally sure about affiliate marketing. I don't like having to write about things people have already written about. If I had the ways and means I would develop my own product to sell. But I don't.

    I feel originality + need(or atleast what people "think" they need)is the ticket. Yesterday I searched out a few sites that have the niche I am interested in an found the same content on each. 2 sites even had word for word so some plagerism goin on. Doesn't surprise me. For now I am doing what I can to learn more and "practice" using my blog[​IMG] to earn a bit.

    As far as a paid website, I already own one(as I mentioned above), at least for the next 12 months. But there are other things I can do with it beside AM.

    I really like writing and was also looking into Freelance sites. Would like to find a place where someone wants me to write about things I want to write about, lol! And, pay me for it $$$. Well, back to the research[​IMG]

    You have a great day and thank you again, for the list of sites.
  6. tahtimbo

    tahtimbo New Member

    Has anyone ever heard of I need to get away from Blogger and would like to find something that is not terribly expensive. I know about HostGator, but these guys seem to be less expensive.
    Any information will be greatly appreciated.[​IMG]
  7. A8ch

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    oregoncountry: I don't like having to write about things people have already written about. If I had the ways and means I would develop my own product to sell. But I don't.

    If you would take a closer look at your resources you just might discover "the ways and means" to develop your own product. The mind - our personal obedient servant - is programed to do our bidding and that places a lot of responsibility on us to be careful about what we tell it to do (or not to do).

    Your "But I don't" acceptance is a signal to the mind NOT to go looking for a solution because it now believes there's none to find. Instead, if you sincerely ask "How can I develop my own product?" your mind would immediately get to work finding a solution for you. It knows no other way.

    While it's important "what" we think , it's equally important "how" we think.

    Too often we try to solve a problem by unwittingly limiting ourselves to the facts that are apparent to us. We don't push beyond them. We stay with the familiar patterns and perspectives, constrained by our fears, so we tend to get the same dismal results.

    Change your beliefs and you'll change your possibilities.

    You say: I don't like having to write about things people have already written about.

    Fact: There's probably not a subject that's not already been written about, so the chance of you being the first is remote.

    Possibility: You might be able to do a better job explaining a subject to a specific niche; or putting a different spin on a familiar subject; or highlighting a particular problem that has been overshadowed; or sharing your experience with something.

    In your OP you poked fun at yourself with a reference to your ex-husbands. Maybe you could draw from your life and write a humorous ebook about relationships. From your posts you seem to have a bubbly personality. People find that refreshing and attractive. That quality could be what adds to your product to make it distinct.

    You say: If I had the ways and means I would develop my own product to sell.

    Fact: The ways and means you have is your ability to be creative.

    Possibility: You could joint venture with someone to develop a suitable product. You could provide the idea, the content, the marketing. They could develop the product and agree to take on the majority of the initial expense, in return for a share of the revenue.

    That's my 3 cents. [​IMG]

  8. tygersclaw

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    If you are looking for cheap hosting, may want to IM/PM myself as I may be able to help you out, or if I can't help you, then I would also recommend that you check out where you can find lots of hosts with offers of shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting packages.

    I have the ability to host websites and can start with as little as 1GB space and will have up to 5GB Packages available.
  9. pcwork

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    I have hosted many websites for $3/month and service / uptime is comparable to the big hosting companies.

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