Compounding Interest and AdPackages?

Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by Kinglions175, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Kinglions175

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    Maybe someone here can help me with a question I have regarding A.S.D. I have already signed up and I am hoping to learn as much as I can about the system. My question is concerning the purchasing of Adpackages and the roll over effect and the eventual expiration or Adpackages purchased. How is it determined when AdPackages will expire? I know it's after 125% but when you keep rolling over every day, or on a weekly basis, when will AdPackages expire? I saw a chart online by someone who had planned out there compounding interest effect over a 6 month period. As he rolled over every day for that 6 month period I noticed none of his AdPackages expired. Is this correct or? Maybe someone can explain this correctly to me. Thanks in advance

  2. MrDoh

    MrDoh New Member

    Each ad package is an individual ad package.

    So if you buy 1000.00 of ad packs today, and you use your 1% 10.00 rebate tomorrow to upgrade and buy another ad pack, you now have two completely separate ad packs, one for 1000.00 (that's earned 1% so far of 125%) and a new 10.00 just bought that hasn't earned anything.

    Tomorrow, you get 10.10, another 1% from the 1000.00 ad pack (which is now at 2% of 125% total earned) and the .10 is 1% of the 10.00 ad pack (it's first 1% of 125%)

    I think the key you looking for is, every ad package you purchase is a separate ad pack. In fact, when you get a promotional match, the matching ad pack is separate from the one you actually paid for.

    And so on.

    Hope that made sense and was what you were asking.
  3. paxkine

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    no not really [​IMG]

    just kidding

    you know what would be great? If someone made an ebook on how exactly to get this started with a few different entry points with examples. (i.e start with $500, here is when to upgrade, how, etc. and also included forecasting and a schedule when to take out 80/20 rule etc.)

    that would take a lot of guesswork out of the thing...I would buy it. most people want to keep it simple, stupid and just do the surfing and earn money

    anyone have any good links to material like this? the asd videos weren't that much of a help for me
  4. MrDoh

    MrDoh New Member

    In my opinion, that's what a sponsor is for.
  5. luvtravel

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    MrDoh: In my opinion, that's what a sponsor is for.

    Good answer!

  6. The Guru

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    Mr. Doh:

    Can you expand a bit more via an example showing when your first $1000 package expires and when your first $10 upgrade package expires?

    If you don't care to show all the lines tell us what day they will expire given 2% interest.
  7. Kinglions175

    Kinglions175 New Member

    Thanks Mr. Doh that did clear things up for me a bit. Plus, I talked to my sponsor about it last night and that helped as well.

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