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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by koolmom, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. koolmom

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    Is anyone out there familiar with contractor referral services such as Reliable Remodelers or Service Magic? I'm researching the idea of a web site that generates contractor leads. I've been helping my husband run a couple of contracting companies and it is time to move into a new direction. Since I am still a "newbie", I'm not sure I know how to set up this kind of online business. I'm checking out Home Owner Referral Network, but it is kind of rich for my budget. Any ideas?
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    Hi koolmom,

    This is actually a very good idea and could be a service that could go anywhere in the world.

    The way I see it, you would not be able to go into this "Half Hearted"

    There would be a heap of preliminary marketing to let people know about your service.

    Just an idea: have a website set up with free listing for businesses requiring contractors. This will be the marketing edge to get all the companies on board as they normally need to pay for advertising to let their need be seen.

    Have the website offer quarterly membership to contractors for a small fee (or free) and they can come and check out what's available as often as they like. Also have an email advisory service when jobs come up in areas of interest. Offer the contractors an opportunity to purchase a page advertising their services and this way businesses could contact them directly too.

    Have different sections (eg. construction - plumbing - aeronautical engineer etc) and obtain advertising from the companies that supply products to these areas.

    This is quite an interesting concept and could end up earning you a heap of money.

    Post updates to your progress - would be interesting to see how you go.

  3. koolmom

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    Thanks Paul, I am going to study your posting and head in that direction. I'm working on a website for affiliate marketing just to get a feel for how it all works. At this point the contractor marketing is in the "idea" stage.

    Again, Thanks

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